New for 2016 and Updates (July 24)


45 to downwind indicated by a shipping container covered with a black tarp, NOT weather balloons!

Reverse wind procedures added Section 7.

Chart revision July 28 revision.

Ramp chart August 8 revision.

NEW FOR 2016 with location in website 

 (Home Tab)

A major revision has streamlined this website including combining the previous Advisory and Briefing Tabs.  The table of contents at the top are also links that allow you to jump to that topic.  A description of the major tabs follows:

Volunteers who sign-up through ShiftBoard will be given priority entrance through the Airport Gate ONLY (go to the head of the line!) You must show the print-out of your shifts to the Purple People Pusher upon arrival.

(Passenger Tab)

Early arrival on Burner Express Air  BxA:

(Pilot Tab top)

At 88NV we recognize 3 types of pilots.

  • Part 91 GA
  • Part 135 charter
  • Part 135 flying under the Burner Express Air Program or  BxA

Definition follows.

(Pilot Tab section 1 Basic Steps )

$60 Gate Use Fee

(Pilot Tab section 2 Airport/Flight )

Runway Alignment: 8R/26L and 8L/26R  Offset parallel runways,  L = left = land,    R = right = rise up takeoff

Runway Dimensions: 7000′ long by 75 feet wide, rolled and watered prior to and during the Event. GA runway 3500′ touchdown at midway point of the 7000′.

Traffic Pattern Altitude: Altitude 5000’ MSL (1100’ AGL), Charter 5500′ MSL (1600′ AGL)

Gate One is now Gate Two!

Airport Hours Pacific Daylight Time:

  • The Airport will be fully operational starting at 7:00 am  on Wednesday, August 24 through Friday August 26 for volunteers with an Early Arrival Pass.
  • Early Arrival Passes are required until 23:59 (11:59 pm) Saturday, 27 August and the official start of the event is 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 28.
  • From Saturday 27 August, and throughout the Event, Unicom will be staffed from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm.
  • Pilot or passengers arriving for the first time during the current Event must land by 18:00 (6:00pm)  to allow time for tickets to be processed through the Box Office.
  • Runways are closed at night at 18:30 (6:30) for GA and 135 pilots with the exception of Burner Express Air.
  • ULTRALIGHT field closes at 19:30 (7:30).

Fuel Tanks,  through pre-event Group Buy-In only see section 9 for more details regarding AV fuel and the Airport Life Tab for information regarding camper fuel.

Air Operations Manager replaces the title of Air Commander.

(Pilot Tab section 5 Ultralights )

Ultralight Briefing for new pilots, contact Boom (Jake McGuire) or Major Tom (Tom Speirs) after which you will receive a Briefed Pilot Wristband which gives you permission to fly.

(Pilot Tab section 6 Unicom and First Arrival )

Enroute From Gerlach:

  • smaller, slower planes most GA right wingtip towards RR tracks 5000 MSL (1100 AGL)
  • larger/faster Part 135 left wingtip towards RR tracks 5500 MSL (1600 AGL)
  • 45 entry at “Frog Pond Valley”  (Old Razorback and Frog Pond on eastern side of valley) make S turns to clear traffic
  • turn to downwind indicated by weather ballons tethered close to ground
  • Charters:  monitor 122.9, announce location, watch for GA crossing under you at Razorback (coming from behind Razorback after Scenic Pattern exit) and GA leaving Scenic Pattern near your base turn.

 (Pilot Tab section 7 Landing, Required Documents, Passengers )


Turning to downwind from your 45 will be designated by  3 large balloons bunched into a “triangle” covered with black net and tethered close to the ground.

GA aim to land in the middle, at about 3500′ of the runway, marked by series of cones. Charter aim for the threshold of 7000′.

Pattern altitude is 5000′ MSL (1100′ AGL) enter 45 anywhere in Frog Pond valley. Use S Turns to scan for traffic.

Smaller GA land towards middle of 7000′ runway, aim to land midway:  3500′ marked with series of cones close together

BxA pilots or staff contact the Interceptor Dispatcher on the Customs frequency (127.9) upon parking

Ramp Dog 118.35:  report tail number and number of new arrivals Switch and announce as soon as you are off the active runway.  Required to monitor 118.35 during all taxi, park, and start-up for ground advisories and parking information.

(Pilot Tab section 9 Fuel )

Two tanks, 1000 gallons JetA and 2000 gallons AV gas.  There is no aviation fuel for sale or available to you at BRC unless you participate in the Group Fuel Buy-In.

(Pilot Tab section 10 Departures )

Announce departure to Ramp Dog on 118.35 give tail number and number of passengers

(Pilot Tab section 12 Gifting Rides )

No more Tokens!

Tokenator Sign-in. On your way through Gate tell the Tokenator

  • Your name, playa name
  • Tail number
  • Number of passengers

Upon returning simply report via radio to Ramp Dog

  • Your name, playa name
  • Tail number
  • Number of passengers

SERIAL GIFTERS: simply report the above to Ramp Dog on departure and return, you do not need to go to Tokenator. Serial Gifter status is awarded to pilots who gifted the most rides in the previous year.