Arrival Departure

Arriving at Burning Man

The Black Rock Airport is located on the Playa of  the Black Rock Desert, which is essentially a flat bowl surrounded by mountains.  There are 4 obvious valleys that come into this bowl, one on the west side, with the airports of Empire and Gerlach flanking the valley on either side, one from the north and one from Winnemucca. We have designated three points to report while inbound to the airport to UNICOM, The Airports of Gerlach (40° 39.324’N 119° 21.247’W), Empire (40° 34.657’N 119° 21.106’W) and at 10 miles while flying down the railroad tracks from Winnemucca. All three are depicted on the Burning Man Airport Arrival Chart and the Klamath Falls Sectional. When Flying inbound, pass Gerlach and Empire points off your left wing, departing traffic will also keep these points and the railroad tracks off their left wing.  This is to keep lateral separation of arriving and departing aircraft.

Follow VFR altitude rules when inbound to Burning Man.  You should be approaching the point known as Frog Pond (40° 44.788’N  119° 10.271’W), a series of natural fresh water springs south of the event.  DO NOT FLY DIRECTLY TO THE AIRPORT, fly first to the Frog Pond, then proceed on the 45 degree to the downwind entry point of the LANDING runway. Aircraft should remain extremely vigilant approaching Frog Pond, as there are converging aircraft from at least three directions. Frog Pond should be reported on Unicom. Aircraft should proceed to the designated landing runway.  There are two runways, one for landing and one for take off. Listen to the advisories to determine which runway is in use for landing, which is dependent on wind direction.  DO NOT OVERFLY THE EVENT, OR THE AIRPORT (unless your altitude is in excess of 7,500’ and UNICOM has verified the Skydive aircraft is ON THE GROUND)!!!!!

Departing Black Rock Airport

All departures should remain at 500’ AGL until 3 miles then you may start your climb to either enter the scenic pattern or depart the area. We recommend you keep runway heading until the end of the runway, then a slight left turn to fly down the middle of the playa valley (either via the northeastern runway or the southwestern one) to the 3 mile point.  Should your desired homebound heading take you back toward the even, we request you either avoid the 10 mile airport area, or climb to pass overhead in excess of 7,500’, again listening on UNICOM for skydivers.