4. EVENTS and FOOD


Flight information will be available at the Air Carrier Services Counter. Passengers should check in 30 minutes prior to departure. Airport staff do not have information regarding arriving/departing Air Carrier flights. For Authorized Air Carriers go here.


Do not fly in without a ticket in hand or in will call.  We expect the event to sellout as it has for years now so do not expect/hope/plan/pray that a ticket will be available for sale.

Tickets are available for Will-Call at the Box Office located within Customs near the Terminal throughout the week. Custom Agents will assist you when you arrive. Remember to bring your photo ID.

Airport Gate Entrance Fee:
There is a $60 per person fee for entering the event through the airport gate this year. This one-time fee is paid at the time of first arrival at the Box Office and is good for the entire week. We accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

Passengers checking in at the Airport Ticket and Passport Offices must be accompanied by their pilot.


The Airport Village is its own camp community and welcomes aviators, people interested in aviation, and people interested in having a great time. While the BIG city is hopping 24/7 and some districts have loud dance music playing until dawn and beyond, the Airport Village is quieter and more sparsely populated making it possible to look out across the playa and see only the occasional person. Historically, because of the prevailing winds, it has been less prone to dust storms kicked up by other BRC residents. However, this quiet less dusty outpost is about 3/4 miles from Center Camp and about 1.5 miles from The Man, making a bike even more of a necessity.


Many amazing Mutant Vehicles and performers have made their way out to 88NV.  Have you ever heard professional opera sung accompanied by blasts of fire while viewing a stunning aerobatic pole dancer?  The Airport Village never knows what treats await them!

Black Rock Travel Agency aka BRTA: This fine group of people continues a long-standing tradition at the Airport.  BRTA is responsible for hosting several events and providing structures available to everyone:  The PeaPod lounging area, StarPort shade and viewing tower, Mood Swings, and actual kitchen which all cost money!

New for 2016:  If you want to sign up for the deliciously created BRTA Galley Meal Plan (thank you Chef Plex!), we require that you fill out “New Agent Questionnaire” form on our website (thank you Jake!) and pay the $40 BRTA camp dues.

Galley meal plan space is limited to 60 people total this year…so hurry because prices go up as we sell out each tier! 

You can pay your camp dues and Galley meal plan fee through the following channels:

paypal.complease use the email mikea@clientworks.com when asked “who you want to send the money to”.

Mail: please make checks payable to:

  • Black Rock Travel Agency
  • 13310 Nevada City Ave.
  • Grass Valley, CA. 95945

Daily Happy Hour with Guest Presenters:  Every afternoon around 4 until dinner,  The Stray Dog Saloon will open to serve refreshments to parched souls and enlighthen and entertain the citizenry with assorted Talks and Performances.

Tuesday Meet and Greet: The Black Rock Travel Agency in conjunction with The Stray Dog Saloon will be hosting this Family Reunion for friends old and new in the late afternoon.  Come and mingle with our Airport Village campmates, pilots, and visiting friends.

If you would like to support the Daily Happy Hour or Tuesday Meet and Greet to donate libations or do a presentation/performance contact Drunk N. Pilot: salvol@aol

  • send monetary donations via PayPal to salvol@aol

Thursday Pancake Breakfast:  Hosted this year by Purple Haze  this is a traditional event which runs from the morning until the food runs out. Everyone is invited and many come from the Big City to visit.  If you would like to volunteer contact Purple Haze on-playa.

Saturday Afternoon Cocktail Party:  This is our traditional end of the week gathering, a final fling for our far flung friends before The Man Burn and some of our “family” begin to leave the Event.  Hosted by BRTA with support from the Stray Dog Saloon.

Daily Meals:  BRTA has agreed to host The Galley, a prepaid meal plan where volunteers buy and prepare food for the group.  In the spirit of radical self-reliance, members are required to help a little with cooking and/or set-up and clean-up!

Ice: One of the few items that may be purchased at Burning Man.  Ice is available for a small fee, click here for locations and time.

Coffee, tea, drinks: One of the few other items that may be purchased at Burning Man.  Find hot and cold drinks at Center Camp, located at 6:00 just off the Esplanade.  Click here for  information on the Cafe


In and Out Passes by Ground / Transportation:  There is a shuttle bus that runs from the main gate to Empire and Gerlach for a fee.   For more information:  Shuttle Bus  If you exit and re-enter by car, bicycle or on foot you need an In and Out Pass which can be purchased at the Main Gate.  If you have an Airport wristband that allows access through our Airport Gate this will NOT be recognized at the Main Gate.  You must bring your ticket stub to purchase an In and Out Pass at the Main Gate.

Bicycles:  There are several options for getting that much-needed bike to ride the 1.5 miles from the Airport to The Man.  Burning Man does have a “Yellow-Bike” (that is really green, it is Burning Man!) bike sharing program.  These are  for one way use and are in high demand, however, exiting Burners often leave them at the airport.

Bike Rentals and Playa Bike Repair:  These kind folks help repair your bike if you break down and they also have pre-arranged pre-paid rentals and a special program just for the airport:  Aero Velo.

Other ways to purchase pre-event and donate your bike afterwards is through local charities  in Reno. Many pilots make arrangements with friends to bring a bike for them. Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser bikes have been found to be inexpensive reliable bikes and the only ones used in the Yellow-Bike fleet.  You may also search the ride-share board on the main website where people bring things up for fellow burners.

There are bike racks available at the airport.  Please use them and LOCK YOUR BIKE…just like any city we do have bicycle theft/borrowing. Do not leave your bike on the roadway in the way of arriving and departing Mutant Vehicles or emergency vehicles.

Do not leave your bike behind at the airport under any circumstances. Do not count on us to “donate” it for you.  If someone brings your bike up for you, please be sure they bring it back for you too! If you are going to bring a bike you may wish to donate your bike to the Yellow-Bike Sharing Program after the event.  They only accept for donation Huffy Cranbrooks. All other bikes left at Burning Man are MOOP (Matter Out of Place) and pose a huge clean-up problem. You are responsible for your trash. It is a leave no trace event!

Message Board and Rider Board:  Located near or in the Terminal.

Porta-potties:  These are located on the ramp for arriving passengers and within the Airport Village.  Please do not leave trash in the porta-potties!  If we see you go in with trash and leave with none you will be required to dive-in and retrieve it.  Hand sanitizer is supplied but it is recommended that you bring your own.

Grey Water:  That nasty left-over water from dishes, bathing, etc. cannot be dumped on the playa.  The Big City has some services for RVs however these roving trucks may not make the Airport part of their regular route.  Click here for RV Service.  Click here for evaporation systems and other:  Grey water information

Garbage Service:  There is no garbage service. Everything that you bring you must pack out with you when you leave. This includes things that you think we might need like old bicycles, carpet, and rebar.
  Pilots/campers who do not remove all belongings and trash upon departure will be noted and may be subject to a BLM fine. This is a Leave-No-Trace event.

Storage Containers:  These are not available to the public. They are reserved for airport equipment and supplies.

Fuel:  There is no fuel available for purchase by the general public through Burning Man.  However, there is a program for Theme Camps, Generators and Mutant Vehicles. Go here for more information.  If you plan on storing fuel anywhere in BRC or the Airport Village it must be in an appropriate container and storage system.   Fuel storage guidelines are found here  Aviation gas is available in Winnemucca or through 88NV’s group prepaid plan.  See Section 9 Fuel under the Pilot Tab for more information. 

Miscellaneous Resources:  Burning Man has compiled an amazing array of resources from costumes to shelter.  Go here for more information.


No/Extremely Limited Cellular Service:
There are no public phones in Black Rock City and cellular phones cannot be depended upon to work. Some ranchers have installed towers and if you are at just the right location at the exact time and the playa gods are smiling you MAY get brief service.  Cell phones don’t like playa dust…it is your VACATION…this is your opportunity to break your digital addiction. There may be intermittent and limited wireless internet at the Airport or near Center Camp. A satellite phone is available at the airport in an extreme emergency (failing to close your flight plan is NOT an emergency).

Emergency Contact: 
Those needing to reach a pilot in an emergency will find emergency contact details here


Orange Trash Fence:
Keep the orange perimeter trash fence clear of all obstacles as it is used for an emergency vehicle access.  There is a section marked with flags which is built specifically for fire trucks to bust through in the event of a disaster…you especially don’t want to camp there!  You will also get in trouble for hopping the fence…please enter and exit the Ramp / Camp through the Airport Gate One.

Visitors, Passengers and Ramp Camp Mates:
Special Camping Visa wristbands are available to allow under-wing-airplane-campers and pilots access to the ramp area without being escorted. These will be distributed upon arrival and camp placement. All other passengers and visiting guests must be escorted by the pilot, Customs Agent, and/or ramp-camp mates.  Escorted visitors will be given a Temporary Visa wristband for access to the tie-down area by Border Control.

Tie-down: You are responsible for securing your airplane as soon as possible after landing.  Winds have been clocked at upwards of 80 mph and sudden unexpected gusts are common.  Strong rope or chain and rebar or some other sturdy metal is recommended. You may be subject to a fine if tie-downs/rebar is not removed before you leave the Event.


Advice from 2 pilots on how to pack/camp/care for your plane.

Camping with a Cessna 185 some personal notes from Dog Pilot and Letter from a 2010 Virgin Burning Man Aviatior from System before he knew his future as Air Commander / Air Operations Manager.



Much has been written about the pros and cons of various methods.  Here is a summary of what many people suggest as well as some tips from our very own Sky Chick and Burning Man’s general suggestions.   End of the day tie-down should include some type of dust prevention and passengers enjoy helping!  Pilots who park for the entire Event can be extra diligent (especially with rental planes) as shown below.

  • Install the best air filter you can get and change it after your trip.  (Some air filters are better for fine dust than others).
  • Close any and all ports when parked.
  • Park and plug it up!  If it is a hole, cover it or stuff something in it!  Towels, foam, pillows….
  • Tape, plastic wrap…get creative!  Fabric covers are NOT recommended as wind causes fabric to move and fine dust gets underneath caushing potential scratches. Caution: not all tape is created equal.
  • Make a list to insure that all tape/wrap is removed prior to flight!  If gifting rides, removing tape first trip in the morning is something passengers enjoy doing.
  • Cover your seats…auto covers, old T-shirts, blankets, towels, anything to protect upholstery from dusty, sweaty, sunblocked bodies!
  • Ziplock airsick bags…for those unforunate passengers

After the Event some people recommend a vinegar and water rinse before washing or vinegar, added to a  detergent wash…vinegar is used to  break the bond caused by the highly alkaline dust.

  • change your air filter,
  • re-pack wheelbearings
  • look/clean everywhere…open inspection panels, etc check spinner and nose gear strut as pilots have reported playa gunk.

Advice from Colin:  I did get dust in my wings this year even though I taped everything up, but last year was pretty dusty in general.  My IA gave me a neat trick which works on my plane because it is a high wing.  Roll one main wheel up on a car ramp to tilt the plane over, then remove the wing tip and the inspection covers nearest the fuselage.  I used the compressor to blow out most of the dust then ran a hose down the wing and washed everything else out.  My plane is a 1961 and I think this was the first time it was done, because I got a lot more than playa dust to come out.  The plane spent some of its life in Arizona so there was a lot of red dust as well, plus three old bees nests that had been hidden behind the wing ribs.  After the washing I use the compressor again to blow out the remaining water.

Last year I forgot to clean my nose gear strut before flying each day (C182).  It appears that playa dust built up in the strut seal and after I got back found a big puddle of hydraulic fluid.  Rebuild kit was cheap, but a bit of a pain on labor.  This year I’m going to tape up the strut seal and clean it well before each flight…. I had a lot of dust around the brakes and wheels, having the wheels off to do the bearings makes it easy to get in and clean the brakes as well.  This year I’m going to clean that area really well before flying down to make sure there is no excess grease that can attract dust.