Airport Life

Airport Village, Black Rock City

Yeah that’s right, we live at the airport

Black Rock City runs 24/7 but a mile away from Center Camp, the Airport Village is quieter with a beautiful view. Get to 5:00 and L, then bike or walk down Airport Road. Mutant Vehicles welcome. All other vehicle traffic prohibited. We will stop you!

Camps at Airport Village 

Airport is admittedly our favorite place in Black Rock City to work, play, and live. We don’t have the type of activities or camping you find anywhere else in BRC! A great community of Airport staff and volunteers, BRTA Theme Camp, and pilots live here. If you arrive unexpectedly and want to camp with us, we might squeeze you in or we might redirect you back to BRC. Airport does not have open camping! We love you; we hate camping surprises.

Want to volunteer for Airport Operations and find out about staff camping? Tell us!

Want to become a member of BRTA and join their Theme Camp? Tell them!

Fly By Nite Camp
This work support camp offers a spot for airport crew to relax in the shade away from their duties. Don’t miss the celebration of the Mayor’s B-day!
Phone/pad charging stations for village residents.
Contact the lovely and talented Overdrive for more details.
Note: The Mayor is a Burner playa name, not a Village official! 
Black Rock Travel Agency – BRTA

A fine group of people continues a long-standing tradition of hospitality and support at the Airport. BRTA theme camp hosts social events and curates community spaces like the shady Starport with crows nest lookout, a swell bar to relax in, and a Galley kitchen with Meal Plan. 

Main BRTA Events:

Tuesday, August 28 Meet & Greet @Starport (Bar Opens at 17:00 and Spaghetti Dinner for all BRTA & Airport workers/members at 19:00ish)

Thursday, August 30 Pancake Breakfast @Starport (08:30 till the food runs out and open to public)

Saturday, September 1 BRTA Cocktail Party @Starport (Bar opens at 14:00 and BBQ  starts about 16:00 open to public)

Starport Bar open daily (4:00 to 7:00)  This year listen to live music each day and admire art displays.

To learn more or find out about camping with Black Rock Travel Agency Theme Camp, email BRTA

Services and Other Considerations 

Phone and Internet … Just Kidding

No public phones exist in BRC. Cellular service is spotty and using a phone makes you a jerk, for real. Do NOT photograph Burners without their permission. That means ASK FIRST. Doing otherwise makes you an even bigger jerk. 

There is no public WiFi. This place will destroy your electronic devices, and hopefully your desire to use them.  To reach Burners in an emergency, start here.


There is no fuel available for purchase by the general public through Burning Man. Theme Camps, Generators and Mutant Vehicles have options. Fuel stored in BRC or Airport Village must be in an appropriate container. Aviation gas is available in Winnemucca or through 88NV’s group prepaid buy-in. 


There are several options for getting that much-needed bike to ride the 1.5 miles from the Airport to The Man. Burning Man does have a bike sharing program (sharing is not keeping) so hop a Yellow Bike. They’re one-way use only and departing Burners sometimes leave them at the Airport. Ride them back into town.

Stash your own bike on one of the many strategically placed bike racks at airport. These are provided for your convenience and for everyone’s safety. Do not leave your bike on the roadway where it will block Emergency and Mutant Vehicles. Do not leave your bike at the airport. 

Do not leave your bike behind at the Airport, ever. Pack it in, pack it out, Leave No Trace! Do not make us clean up your stuff.  If someone brings your bike up for you, they bring it back for you, too. All other bikes left at Burning Man are MOOP (Matter Out of Place) and pose a tremendous  problem. You are responsible for your belongings and leftovers and trash!

In and Out Passes & Main Gate

If you leave BRC for another destination (like Reno or Gerlach) and wish you wish to re-enter the Event, you must purchase an In and Out Pass. Passes are not available at the time of re-entry — you must purchase the Pass before you exit BRC. You must present your ticket stub to purchase an In and Out Pass from Gate staff. Passes can be purchased at the Airport gate (or at Main Gate) during operational hours.


These are located on the ramp (for new arrivals) and within the Airport Village. If it did not come out of your body, do not put it in a potty. Do not leave MOOP in the porta-potties! If we see you go in with trash and leave with none, we will so make you dive in to get it. Hand sanitizer is supplied at each bank of potties, but it is recommended that you bring your own. If a potty is in need of help, alert Airport staff. Do not be the jerk who screws up a potty for all of us. 

Grey Water

That nasty left-over water from dishes, bathing, etc. cannot be dumped on the playa. Some services for RVs may not make the Airport part of their regular route. Click here for RV Service.  We also recommend reading about gross grey water.

Garbage & MOOP – Leave No Trace! 


Leave No Trace means everything you pack in, you pack out!

Mama doesn’t live here. You clean up after you. 

Airport seriously doesn’t want your old bicycles, crushed dreams, prom dress, carpet, wood scraps, drink cups, tarps, costumes, mime tears, firewood, plastic crap, or rebar. Do not toss it on the side of the road on the way out. Do not let it blow off some vehicle along Highway 447. Do not inundate rest stops or gas station dumpsters in Reno. Dispose responsibly by securely packing that stuff home to your final destination.

When you leave, you MOOP your spot. Pilots on ramp and campers in the Village who do not remove all belongings and trash upon departure will be noted and may be subject to a subsequent BLM fine. Plus we will never let you live it down and we may not let you park on our GA Ramp next year. We do keep track. If you want to ensure that your name stays in the green with us, MOOP your parking space and then check out with Customs staff before you depart! We will note the state of your space when you leave so if someone else comes along and messes up your old spot, we won’t hold you accountable. This goes with your camp site inside the fence, too.