Airport Newsletter – August 2019

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The man burns in 22 days!

This will be the last newsletter of 2019 before we all head back home.

Here’s The Stuff You Need To Know

Flight Operations
Customs & Acculturation
Burner Express Air (BxA)


We had the first ever General Airport Volunteer Training on Monday!

Here is the link to the recording of the training:

(Fast Forward to 1:07:00 for the start of the meeting)

***If you are volunteering for any shift on any team at the airport please make sure you watch the training before your first shift.***

Contact airport-volunteers(at) with questions.

Art Of The Radio (abridged)

Training Info



For those that are working enough shifts this year to earn airport provided ticketing, we have entered all of your tickets, vehicle passes and credentials. Thanks for bearing with us! Now that we’ve had so much practice with the new ticketing system we are sure that next year will be a breeze.

We are humans and WE DO MAKE MISTAKES – check your entry documents and make sure that the date and name are correct! If you didn’t receive the ticket support that you thought you would or there is a mistake with your order, send Janitor(at) and Wind(at) a message so we get it fixed ASAP.


Flight Operations

Venture Flight Ops Manager is Retiring

As Venture begins his planned retirement, he is phasing duties and responsibilities onto the team of Deputy Flight Operations Managers and will be assuming a mentorship role this year on the Playa. Each Deputy has been involved from the beginning, each focusing on a specific area, and will have an operation authority over Flight Operations for their designated shift.

Again the Deputy Flight Operations Managers are:

  • Warren – Tower Planning, FAA Relations
  • Flash – Pilot Screening, Pilot Briefings
  • Tumbleweed – Pilot Training, Ramp Planning
  • HP – Pilot Registration, IT

If you have any questions, you may contact them via flightops(at)

The council is very grateful for the amazing work Venture has done during his time on the council and we feel confident in the team’s abilities to smoothly transition into new leadership. The airport has been mentioned in various publications and we have no doubt that this wouldn’t have happened without his hard work, dedication and expertise. Say hi when you see him on Playa and bring some extra party supplies so we can send him into the next phase of his life with gusto!

Flight Ops Volunteering 

For those of you currently signed up on Shiftboard for a Flight Ops shift, you will be getting an email at the end of 8/7 with training slide for the Tower, Ramp, and Air Information Officer positions. This will also be accompanied by the more comprehensive Flight Operation Manual to help you prepare for when you show up to your shifts. Knowing what you are doing at the beginning of you first shift is sexy.

If you have signed up for the Flight Ops team on Shiftboard after 8/7 please email flightops(at) and this email will be forwarded to you. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Registration Reminder

The online pilot training and knowledge test is live, and must be completed before you arrive as a pilot by air!  Go here:

Fuel Purchase

If you want to buy fuel at 88NV, fuel signups are open and must be done in advance of your arrival!  See here for more details.

Deadline is Saturday August 24 at 8AM PDT.



The first team members are ON PLAYA TODAY!!! The rest of the crew will arrive in one week. Ahhh!!! Don’t we have more time?? Where did the time go??

Reminder: The team is closed for 2019, but if you want to join the logistics crew in 2020 the best way to get yourself in the running is to stop by during teardown and show us what you’re made of! Ask for Cyan!


Customs and Acculturation

Another reminder to everyone that if you plan to camp ANYWHERE at Point 5, we need to know before you arrive! If you are part of Fly By Nyte, Camp Plex or BRTA, they have you covered. For ALL others, if you have not received an email from Bootz confirming that you are camping, please contact her ASAP:  bootz(at)


Burner Express Air (BxA)

The BxA Program is happy to announce that they will be running the airport shuttle again this year! Starting at 8 am and running till 6 pm, the bus will be arriving approximately every 20 min at the airport. This shuttle again will go directly between the airport and the Burner Express Bus Depot at 6:15 and J where passengers can then transfer to another shuttle going to either the 2:00 side or 10:00 side of the city.


Have a safe journey back home to Black Rock City.  We look forward to seeing you in the dust!

–The Airport Council