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Black Rock City Municipal Airport Facebook Page

This page, although a bit dormant for a while, is now being updated with interesting airport stories and information.  Check it out!


Now that the dust has settled a wee bit, STEP is available.  Read up on all things ticket-related, happy hunting, and read on.

88NV’s Twitter Feed

The Airport Operations have dabbled with a Twitter feed in the past to post updates to runways for closures, conditions, weather and NOTAMs.  We are starting this up again for 2019.  The Twitter feed will carry operational updates posted to the Airport Announce list just prior to, and during, the event.

Note: The old Twitter account @88NVInfo (last used in 2015) is abandoned and will not be used.  The correct account to follow is BRCMA_88NV .  Update your subscriptions accordingly!


Burning Man helps facilitate ridesharing into the event for those on a wing and a prayer. Note there is an option to search or create a ride in an airplane as well as vehicles. Make sure you are selecting the airplane icon ✈ for a flight-share.

The Burning Man Journal

Engaging news and updates about life in BRC and beyond.

The 2019 Burning Man Survival Guide

The Unofficial 2019 Burning Man Map

Onward DeeZaster!

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Our awesome Airport Manager has departed from 88NV and gone on to tackle some default world adventures. She will be dearly missed on Playa this year and we hope she returns again to come play in the dust with us sometime.

The Airport Council is grateful for everything she has done to help 88NV operations run smoothly and for building a structure of support within airport management. We wish her the best in her future endeavors. We look forward to seeing her pursue that Masters Degree in Ethics and make things better off Playa too!


Her duties will be co-managed by Wind and Cyan. Please message them for your Airport Manager needs or email airport(at) for the entire Council. As a reminder, the Airport Council members are as follows:

Wind Airport Department Co-Manager

Volunteer Manager

Cyan Airport Department Co-Manager

Logistics Manager

Venture Flight Ops Manager  venture(at)
Squeezebox Safety Officer  Squeezebox(at)
Jase Charter Manager  jase(at)
Bootz Customs + Acculturations Manager  bootz(at)


Stuff You Need To Know

Flight Ops Volunteer Signups
Safety and Compliance
Customs & Acculturation
Burner Express Air (BxA)
Flight Operations
Camping at the Airport
Theme Days


Sorry for all of the stress we caused you with things happening later than usual this year! We hope that the changes we’ve made are worth the wait, and the good news is that it will expedite the way we do things next year!

Now we’re focused on finalizing ticket support for those who qualified. Once we finish this our focus will be on training!

Did you know?

Everyone who volunteers for any shift at the airport this year will be required to take a general airport training. People volunteering in roles with more responsibility will have additional trainings to take, too – we hope that this helps volunteers feel more a part of the community, creates a better understanding of the different parts of the airport and how they work together as a whole, and lessens the inevitable Playa disorientation that we all experience.

***If you were waiting on confirmation for a shift and you don’t see it on your calendar, it’s because the shift was assigned to someone else. What you see on your shift calendar is what you’re signed up for. There are still available shifts on all teams, so check it out. We’d love to have you be part of the team!***

Flight Ops Volunteer Signups

Public Shifts

Public shifts are shifts open to public signup. No aviation or prior 88NV experience required. For Flight Ops this year, public shifts are:

  • Tower Assistant
  • Air Information Officer
  • Interceptors

Reminder Interceptor shifts are now under Flight Ops and you need to be added to that team to sign up for those shifts. To get added, email airportvolunteers(at)

Pilot / Aviation Experience Shifts

Aviation experience shifts are shifts that require you to have an aviation background as a pilot, air traffic controller, or something similar. These shifts are:

  • Radio Operator
  • Ramp Officer

While prior 88NV experience is beneficial, it is not required and all volunteers will receive basic training and a Flight Operations Manual prior to the event.

Both aviation experience positions need to be verified by Flight Operations staff. To request a shift, select your desired shift on shiftboard. At the bottom of the new pane on the right, select “Contact.” In addition to stating that you are requesting that shift, please advise your aviation background or if you had volunteered in that position last year.

Pre-Event Shifts

All shifts that take place prior to the event require a Work Access Pass (WAP). As the Airport management is responsible for all volunteers prior to the event opening, this will require management approval. A requirement for the issuance of a WAP is that an early arriving participant must work every day prior to the event opening and must camp at the airport until the event opens. Please send an email to flight ops below if you are interested in arriving early and volunteering in the tower or on the ramp. 




We had an amazing crew and an awesome and productive Work Weekend. Thank you all! Together we built a new Pilot Gate, new Greeter Bell Tripod, Trash Corrals and a Temporary Tattoo Glory Hole! We painted piles of playa-tech and finished our layout map. . .all by Saturday night!? You guys make it look easy! I couldn’t ask for a better team and can’t wait to build an airport with you! – Cyan



Safety and Compliance

If you are camping at the airport this year and plan to bring a small portable generator and extra gas, please follow these guidelines on fuel and any machine using fuel. Generators and fuel are required to be stored in a secondary containment unit like the ones used for mixing concrete. You can find them a big box stores for around 20 dollars. It is cheap insurance and is cheaper than the BLM citation and fine if you do not have them. Fuel containers should be filled no more than 80% to prevent heat overflow, and must be in the containment units as well. The generators and fuel must be ~15 feet away from your camper or tent as to prevent catching your place on fire in case of fire. Check your vehicle for any leaks before and bring a drip pan if needed. ABC extinguishers are placed throughout the camps, as well as the rest of the airport in case of emergencies. Any member of the safety team can demonstrate how to use them if you are unsure. Any questions please email us.



Customs & Acculturation

Work weekend came and went, and we were able to get much of the airport infrastructure ready for playa! One of the things that we’re pretty excited about over here is our new stage. That’s right – a stage! For open mics, performances, and [drumroll] karaoke! We’ll have most of the usual karaoke hits, but if you’ve got YOUR SONG that you really wanna rock for us at Point 5, please let us know so we can make sure to have it on our list.

On a final note: Playa time is fast approaching! Please – do us, yourself, and everyone else a favor, and take some time to reflect on the 10 principles of Burning Man. Spread the word and call out and educate anyone you see who appears to need a reminder. Nicely, and with an edge of snark is the preferred method of communication. We all need to do our part to keep Burning Man as burnery as possible.

All of our early arrival shifts are already taken, but we still need help later in the week!! Please contact the volunteer team above if you need help getting signed up.



Burner Express Air (BxA)

Burner Express Air is expanding to include flights from Las Vegas (LAS) and Mountain View, CA (NUQ), which has replaced the San Carlos station this year.  

More than 4600 participants took flights on Burner Express Air in 2018 and flying into the event is increasingly an option for Burners who have commitments – work, school or family – that don’t allow them to drive in or spend an entire week.  

We’re also working with Customs and Acculturation to make sure our passengers know how to be great citizens in BRC!

In 2019 BxA is offering flights to and from Las Vegas, Mountain View, Reno, Oakland and Burbank. For more information, visit the Burner Express Air website 

We still need volunteers and still have early arrival shifts. Contact us to get you signed up for the team!


Flight Operations

Pilot Registration

The pilot registration and training is now live for everyone to access.

In the training, you will be presented several modules consisting of slides and test questions based upon the 2019 Pilot Advisory. You will be required to review each slide and answer each test question with 100% score. You can go back to the slides at anytime to review. If you get any question wrong, you will need to review the slides and will be presented the opportunity to reanswer the incorrect questions.

To get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Important!  If you registered to fly in last year, your information should already be in our system, and this will also make you eligible for an abbreviated training if you use the same email address.  But you will need to set a new password — just click “sign in” then “forgot your password?”

This is an all-new training and registration system this year, with many thanks to Icepick for writing a ton of code to make it happen! Please bear with us if you encounter any hiccups:

  • Please note that the Microsoft Edge browser is currently not supported.
  • If you hit any errors, please enable the developer console in your browser (if you can) and send a screenshot, thanks!

If you have any questions regarding the Pilot Advisory, test questions, or need technical support, please email flightops(at)

Pilot Advisory

Current version is 7/15/19. Changes since the last newsletter are listed here. Also, a new section has been added at the beginning of the Pilot Advisory showing all the major changes since last year.

Runway Layout Changes

Runway layout is subject to small changes at any time from now until the end of the event to accommodate safety and efficiency of operations. Please stay posted to these newsletters for any significant changes.

Airport Diagram Change

Please note there are some minor changes to the Airport Diagram effective 7/15/19. The location of 23L has been shifted slightly to allow easier movement of BxA and GA planes to their respective ramps after landing.

Permission To Use the Airport

In the past, the advisory tower has utilized the phraseology “Permission to Land” for aircraft on arrival. Please note that we are no longer utilizing this phraseology for legal and misrepresentation of what people may see as a clearance when the permission has only to do with pilots using a private airport. From now on, the applicable phrasing will be “Permission to Use the Airport.”

Landing Without a Ticket

Please note that landing without a ticket is prohibited unless prior approval is received by 88NV management. Requests to make a Part 91 or Part 135 single drop-off and single pick-up (two landings) of passengers when the pilot does not have a ticket may be made until August 1st by emailing FlightOps(at) after registering as a pilot. Any requests after this date are not guaranteed to be reviewed due to high workloads of transitioning staff to the playa and focus on airport setup.

Landing without a ticket without prior approval from 88NV management will result in the pilot and all passengers being asked to depart 88NV immediately. Failure to do so may result in law enforcement action.

Pilots who are requesting approval to use the airport that not participating in the event may be subjected to landing fees.

Closure Order Published

The BLM has published the Closure Order and the dates are July 25, 2019 – September 30, 2019. Please note that landings inside the closure area during these dates is prohibited and landings may only occur on the runways designated by 88NV when the airport is operational.

Any questions, please email FlightOps(at)

Camping At The Airport 2019

There has been some talk this year about camping at the airport and people asking if there are new rules, etc. We’d like to provide some clarification on this:

First, of all, we love our community at Point 5 and truly believe that people make the airport! We now have nearly 300 people camping at the airport and we are not trying to change but rather embrace that culture. We are, however, trying to ensure safety and provide some structure, because Point 5 is a unique space at Burning Man.

2019 options for camping at the airport are:

  • Staff Ops Camp – this is for staff and volunteers working 30+ hours. This camp is focused on supporting the airport operations.  There is a well-defined behavior guideline in place. To participate in this camp, you must have a council sponsor. There are no dues, but also no frills. Just a place to park with like-minded staffers and volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about this, you can talk to your council manager or you can reach out to Bootz at bootz(at)
  • Black Rock Travel Agency (BRTA) – this is the airport’s only theme camp. BRTA was established long ago in 1998, back when the airport was just a few pilots and planes. Now they are a seasoned theme camp that offers some amenities for their participants. They have some requirements to camp with them, such as involvement in the camp, dues and sponsorship. They host an afternoon happy hour (usually with music) as one of their many contributions to the airport community. Their website is
  • Camp Plex – one of the airport’s work support camps. This is an intimate camp with impeccable hospitality and delicious food! Please do not contact Camp Plex about camping with them in 2019 – their registration is closed for this year.
  • Fly By Nite – one of airport’s work support camps.  This is also a smaller camp but it is packed with super fun people that keep busy with crazy activities. Please do not contact Fly By Nite about camping with them in 2019 – their registration is closed for this year.
  • Legacy Camp – this is simply a renaming and grouping of people that have always camped at the airport apart from the above listed camps.  While there is no longer open camping at the airport we still want to accommodate those long time airport campers so we have created Legacy camp. All campers will be in a designated area, they need to be responsible for their MOOP, and whether they mingle or not is up to them! If you feel you qualify for this camp and would like to camp independently in this designated legacy camp area, please contact bootz(at) prior to the event.
  • Plane camping – last but not least, pilots may still camp at their plane! As always, all pilots will be responsible for leaving their parking space clean and MOOP free upon departure. Pilots must check in with airport staff before final departure to get a MOOP check.

If you have any questions about camping at the airport, we are more than happy to talk to you.  You may reach out to bootz(at)

Here’s to an awesome Point 5 experience!

Theme Days!!!

No idea what to wear?  Let’s add some theme days to 88NV!  Yep, you heard me right.  We thought it would be fun to give this a try. Transform yourself into something/someone else …….

Wed, Aug 21 Onesie Wednesday So cozy and warm
Thu, Aug 22 Goth day Ooh….dark…..
Fri, Aug 23 Fetish Friday Let your inner freak out!
Sat, Aug 24 Luau/Beach Let’s get lei’ed!
Sun, Aug 25 Business Professionals “Tie” one on!
Mon, Aug 26 Mustache Monday If you don’t paste one on, we will probably draw one on you!
Tuesday, Aug 27 Tutu Tuesday C’mon. Can’t break tradition!
Wed, Aug 28 Super Heroes Capes anyone?
Thu, Aug 29 Throwback Thursday 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, steampunk?
Fri, Aug 30 Freedom Friday Dare to be different. What have you always wanted to wear?
Sat, Aug 31 Prom Let’s dress up!
Sun, Sep 1 Roman/Grecian/Toga Gods and Goddesses
Mon, Sep 2 Exhaustion Wear whatever the fuck you want.