Airport Newsletter – March 2019

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Things change so quick often in Black Rock City, it’s hard to keep up! Our Airport Blog (the one you’re reading right now) is where we post frequent updates about Airport and other news from around BRC.

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88NV Airport Website

Check often for news, volunteer info, and updates. Share your ideas for blog posts or announcements. Help us fill in our sparse, sad-clown FAQ sections! What do you want to know?

Afterburn Report

Airport’s contribution to the Report can be (erroneously) found under Community Services

The Burning Man Journal

So many engaging posts about life in BRC like this series, and this post and this one, too.

Airport Volunteerism

We are working hard on volunteer schedules, training, and ticketing – we don’t want to bore you with all of the details, so stay tuned for more exciting updates after our Airport Retreat at the end of this month! (All ticket requests are on hold until April.)


You may have heard that the first of two 2019 Direct Group Sales (DGS) took place recently. The DGS1 serves theme camps, art projects, and mutant vehicle camps (not Airport!) and is a late-winter sale. If you purchased a ticket through a group’s DGS1 allotment, hooray for you!

If not, don’t fret yet, Airport Volunteers. The Airport Operations team participates in the second Direct Group Sale (DGS2) later this summer. We will announce Airport’s ticketing details once confirmed. All ticket requests are on hold until April. Prepare to pounce, kittens!

If you’re clamoring for more info and discussion about ticketing right this second, check out BRC Ticketing and Cultural Course Correcting: Black Rock City 2019.

Flight Operations

We reached a milestone as we finalized the Flight Operations Org Chart and Volunteer Role Descriptions for 2019! We are still a long ways out from Shiftboard and the scheduling process, so stay tuned for more updates on that later. In the meantime, we made some notable changes to past roles:

UPDATED ROLE | Interceptor Now support Flight Ops Team (not Customs). Reports to Air Standards Safety Supervisor (ASSS). No aviation experience required!

UPDATED ROLE | Air Information Officer This volunteer role is now active on-playa! This officer updates Tower statistics data. They communicate pilot data to the ASSS. They communicate runway conditions and weather reports to pilots. No aviation experience required!

NEW ROLE | Ramp Officer = Follow Me + Ramp Backup combined. Specific duties are assigned by ASSS on shift. Aviation background required (role interacts with moving aircraft and operations)! 

NEW ROLE | Radio Operator = Unicom + Dust Devil + Ramp Dog combined. This combo role allows more flexibility in the tower and simplified volunteer scheduling. Tower Supervisor will assign radio position at start of shift. Aviation background required (role interacts with moving aircraft and operations)!

Email Flight Operations Team


We are happy to announce our new Logistics Deputies Lula and Vector!

Many of you know Lula from her years of dedicated service at 88NV. She has long been an MVP for the Logistics Team and we are proud to have her onboard helping out for more behind-the-scenes pre-burn planning and prep.

Vector is a newcomer to 88NV, but is bringing years of experience working in the airline industry as well working for the northwest regional burns Critical NW and SeaCompression. She comes highly vouched for by other Point 5 Staff and we are so happy to have her on the team!

The Logistics Team is coming together nicely and filling up fast, but we could still use a couple Jack(or Jill!) of All Trades Types for handy(wo)man work and some fitness buffs who feel like pounding t-posts and throwing cones it a fun way to spend an afternoon. If you have good pre-event availability or know someone who fits the bill, get in touch!


We are currently compiling a “grab bag” of safety materials for those unfortunate mishaps that happen far from home bases. Drip pans, caution tape, blinking lights, spill kits things like that. 

As we journey through Burnal Equinox season, use this time to clean out the old gear, consider what items you’re storing that need to be recycled, refreshed, replaced, or re-gifted, and make a quick list of ideas about this year’s burn requirements.  Periodic reflection on what what worked, what needs improvement, or ideas for future consideration helps set the mind for a successful burn. One measure of success is safety – anticipating what to expect is safety planning and preparation. Being a participant means you own your personal safety.  Being part of the Airport community means your share in the safety of others. Let’s continue to demonstrate the safe operation of the best airport in the world.

If you have an interest in helping with the overall safety of the Airport, we are interviewing for Jr. Deputies to help relieve the workload. This position does require knowledge of structure and aircraft safety as well as first aid, hazardous materials and fuels. If interested contact

Customs and Acculturation

We are working hard on creating an awesome environment for everyone at 88NV! We will have theme days (we can dress up for fun!) and events. We welcome all ideas from everyone that will be at the Airport with us, whether you’re passing through or a resident. What would YOU like to see?  What do you think has or hasn’t worked in the past? What do you think would be fantabulous fun? Please share and we will do our best to make your dreams come true!

 Email Airport Customs and Acculturation