Airport Newsletter – May 2019

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Now that dust has settled a wee bit, STEP and third-party tickets will start circulating. Read up on all things BRC ticket-related, happy hunting, etc.


OMG Ticket Support! Do I have a ticket?! What if I don’t!!! Did you forget me?! I totally worked a bunch last year! This is madness! Why are you people so disorganized!!!? And other questions are answered this month with the all new super amazing…

Ticket Support Request Form  WOW! NEW! SO EASY!

Did you work a lot last year? Are you expecting a ticket this year? Fill this sucker out. Do it more than once if your needs change, or if you forgot that you already did it. We cross reference! This will streamline all your requests into a single place for us to manage better. Fill this out even if you already emailed us once, or six, times.

In other news, the Volunteer Operations team are working with the new ticketing system and will let everyone know via Airport Announce list and Blog when we begin issuing tickets. This is not a quick or simple process, and we sincerely appreciate your patience. We’re learning as fast as we can. We don’t want to skip anyone. We’re still ahead of last year. You don’t want us rushing through the ticketing process, believe us.

Did you know? All Airport volunteers will be required to take a basic training course online before they arrive on Playa. We realize how disorienting it can be to arrive on Playa, and with so many different things going on at the Airport we want to set all our volunteers up to succeed! We hope that the training allows you to feel more confident, aware, prepared and connected to the Airport community, and gives you a better understanding of what we do and why your help is so important!

Did you also know that we have several new teams with new volunteers positions? The Volunteer Operations and Charter Teams are new, so if you’d like to try something different please send us a message so we can add you to the team!

Psst… there are some shifts available on Shiftboard already and more will be coming in the next two weeks. Keep checking Shiftboard! PLEASE make sure that you only sign up for shifts that you are committed to – just like a job in default world, we count on you to show up sober – after all, we are running a real airport and we can’t do it without you! If you can’t commit yet, please let others sign up first.



Flight Operations

The Pilot Advisory is now live! Please note that this will have updates as we progress toward the event. All updates will be published live within the Pilot Advisory and announced on the Airport Announce email list and the Airport Blog.

All special requests for prior approval items must be made by August 1. Please be prepared to support your request as we put a lot of time and effort into planning the fly-in procedures to ensure safe operations so requesting something outside the box is not an easy approval.

Please note that landing without an event ticket at 88NV is still not permitted. However, anyone wishing to perform a Part 91 drop off or pickup of passengers may provide a request up until the airport is operational on August 21 using the Flight Ops email below. After this date we will not be able to process requests in a timely manner and landing without a ticket and prior approval is strictly prohibited.

In addition, we have come under scrutiny from the BLM for instances where pilots are landing with the intent of dropping off supplies or cargo for another event participant and automatically assume these are commercial operations and looking to incur fees onto Black Rock City. As there is no way for us to prove this either with the pilot or with BLM, landing without a ticket to drop off cargo is now prohibited.

All for-hire, Part 135 flights including single drop off and single pickup of passengers, must register with the Burning Man BxA program to satisfy Black Rock City and BLM requirements. To register, please contact airportcharter(at)

Pilot registration is set to open sometime in June to coincide with the pilot training course. Please note, we have heard your feedback regarding the length of the pilot training course and if you have registered and took the training course last year, using the same email address will give you access to a shortened training course that will provide the basics and what’s new for 2019! Our volunteers have spent a lot of time and effort trying to make this happen so we hope this is appreciated.

A Graphic NOTAM has been created and issued to Oakland Center for the purpose of disseminating important information about the 88NV operations. This will aid Oakland Center and other air traffic control facilities with assisting pilots travelling to 88NV.  If you plan on using flight following, make sure to read the last page of the NOTAM.



No News is Good News! Our June newsletter will feature some updates, so stay tuned.




Safety and compliance

With the event closing in on us now is a good time to start your pre- event “checklist” on insurance, good for unpaved runways? All things pertaining to a safe aircraft and flight? Tie downs and rope? This is the month that Dee Zaster, Matthew and myself have enrolled in an course from Embry-Riddle on Aircraft Accident Investigation. Hopefully we will never have to use the information we gain from the class but we will be prepared. Safe flying!  – Squeezebox



Customs & Acculturation

Efforts to beautify the Airport with wonderful works of art are well underway! 2019 marks the first year that 88NV is working in conjunction with ARTery to bring attention to the delightful art on display in our neck of the woods, and we’re excited to see this relationship evolve in years to come.

Additionally, the Customs & Acculturation Shiftboard will soon be available! Positions for Greeters, Fluffers, Road Control, Ride Wranglers, etc. will all be up for grabs at this time! If you know of any competent, friendly people that are looking for ways to participate, we have several entry level positions available for airport n00bs – send them on over! Volunteering at the airport is a surefire way to guarantee a fun and unique Burning Man experience.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any compliments, questions, feedback, puppies, food…



Burner Express Air (BxA)

BxA is gearing up for the playa! Tickets are on sale now, and BxA is offering new locations this year, including Las Vegas, NV. Check out Burner Express Air online