April 6 Community Meeting – notes and recording

Recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfJ3lGNN9CY

Airport Team Introductions

2023 Theme:

  • Bee balanced
  • Bee amazing
  • Bee kind
  • Bee one
  • Bee present

Airport Layout/Map

  • -layout will mostly stay the same
  • -movement of Vol Ops building – need bigger space since we have a growing, amazing volunteer group
  • -stacking the office space on the tool shed – allow better visibility and protection for the tool shed

Flight Ops

  • ATC returning, bringing another person for more rest for the ATC folks
  • feel free to send comments, feedback and suggestions about flight ops

ATC Early Morning Coverage

  • many said no need for ATC coverage from 6:30 to 8am
  • pilots expressed enjoyment of the “quiet time” in the morning

Tickets/volunteer questionnaire

  • Main sale registration closes Friday, April 7th at noon PDT – please try to get main sale tickets and we can share those too
  • Volunteer Questionnaire will be sent out by email next week
  • Different questionnaire than what is in Burner Profile so watch for a link in the email
  • Priority for exodus shifts – we were quite short on volunteers


Q&A, Suggestions—

  • Any way to get fuel going for longer?
    • possibly, feedback from last year to also consult
  • please send ideas of what times work best
    • possible time: noon to 2pm
  • When will Shiftboard be open?
    • will be announced later in April and is typically May/June
  • What is the volunteer camping application process?
    • not an application process, but do want to know so maybe will add to the Volunteer Questionnaire
  • Volunteer Questionnaire – see above
  • Signs for keeping items out during arrival and better signage for where departure tent is
  • Suggestion for mentor rides for first time gifters
  • Subscribe here for Airport updates: 
  • Discussion about the current standing water currently on playa and the impact of the weather this year
  • Ride gifting area streamlining? Some confusion last year and Mischievous is working with some folks to try to make improvements and maybe people are wanting to start working earlier to help
  • want to gift rides for airport volunteers and other DPW and BM staff- can we work out a way to know who that is?
  • Portos were not serviced well last year – Devious working on getting airport on a regular rotation
  • Water – more information coming soon and will be available for all at the airport