Camping FAQ

Services and Other Considerations 

No public phones exist in BRC. Cellular service sucks. Using a phone makes you a cultural pariah because it takes you away from the immediacy of the experience you came to BRC to have. 

Cameras and images are personal. Any camera you carry is for photographing you and your immediate circle. DO NOT photograph other Burners without their permission. This amounts to a violation of consent. Consent matters. ASK FIRST. Don’t be a dick.

Press must register with Media Mecca. Press coverage is regulated in BRC. Register with Media Mecca before you can shoot photos or video or interview anyone in BRC. Airport Staff will not grant interviews or make statements unless you went through appropriate communication channels first, and even then we may decline. Do not surprise us. 

There is no public WiFi. This place will destroy your electronic devices, and hopefully your desire to use them.  To reach Burners in an emergency, start with Burning Man’s emergency contact page


There is no fuel available for purchase by the general public but heme Camps, Generators and Mutant Vehicles have options. Fuel stored in BRC or Airport Village must be in an appropriate container. Airport safety team pays attention and so does the BLM. Do it right or we put the smack down. Aviation fuel is available in Winnemucca or through 88NV’s group prepaid buy-in. 


Don’t like the idea of hoofing it into town? Bring your bike and light it up! The BRC Yellow Bikes are for sharing (not keeping!!!) so if you spot a green beach cruiser, it might be yours for a minute. Pass it along at your next stop.

Stash your own bike on one of the many strategically placed bike racks at airport. These are provided for your convenience and for everyone’s safety. Do not leave your bike on the roadway where it will block Emergency and Mutant Vehicles. 

Do not leave your bike behind at the Airport, ever. Do not make your stuff our problem.  All other bikes left behind are MOOP (Matter Out of Place) and pose a tremendous  problem. 

In and Out Passes & Main Gate

If you leave BRC for another destination (like Reno or Gerlach) and wish you wish to re-enter the Event, you must purchase an In and Out Pass. Passes are not available at the time of re-entry — you must purchase the Pass before you exit BRC. You must present your ticket stub to purchase an In and Out Pass from Gate staff. Passes can be purchased at the Airport during operational hours or at the Main Gate.


These are located around the Airport and every few blocks in BRC. If it did not come out of your body, do not put it in a potty. Do not leave MOOP inside! If we see you go in with trash and leave with none, we will so make you dive in to get it. Bring hand sanitizer or suffer dysentery. If a potty is in need of help, alert Airport staff!

Grey Water & MOOP

Used water is grey water. Do not pour it on the playa. Take it out with you or evaporate it. 

RV Service

Schedule ahead for RV Service. Sucker trucks and potable water trucks may accept cash for pumps in BRC, but many do not make the Airport part of their regular cruising route. Plan ahead. 

Leave No Trace

Mama doesn’t live here. You clean up after you. 

Airport seriously doesn’t want your old bicycles, crushed dreams, prom dress, carpet, wood scraps, drink cups, tarps, costumes, mime tears, firewood, plastic crap, or Rebar.

Do not toss trash on the side of the road on the way out. Do not let it blow off your vehicle on Hwy 447. Do not inundate rest stops or gas station dumpsters in Reno. Dispose of your trash at your home.

When you leave, you MOOP your spot. Pilots on ramp and campers in the Village who do not MOOP face consequences like BLM fines and general ire. Airport crew who have to pick up your shit during playa restoration will not forget and may not forgive.