Pilot FAQ

Preflight Planning

What do I need to do to land at 88NV?

All pilots must register at pilots.88nv.info and complete the required training on the rules stated in the Pilot Advisory. Once completed, you will be given a pilot code to provide on the Black Rock Arrivals frequency. The radio operator will grant permission to use the airport.

What fees are required?

All airplane occupants are required to pay a $60 airport gate fee to enter the event. Any pilots or participants that depart from BRC for an outside destination (such as Reno), and then return to 88NV are subject to a $20 re-entry fee. This fee must be paid before departing BRC/88NV for an outside destination. This fee does not apply to scenic flights or BxA flights.

I am a Part 135 charter. What do I need to do to fly for-hire flights into 88NV?

As Burning Man and 88NV are on BLM land, there are requirements for for-hire flights to operate on BLM land, including making landings on designated runways at 88NV only. To fulfill all the insurance requirements, permits, fees, and scheduling requirements, Part 135 flights must register with the Burning Man BxA program by emailing airportcharter@burningman.org for more information.

Are tie-downs available?

No. All tie-downs (hammers, anchors, ropes) must be provided by the pilot. Aircraft must be tied down immediately after parking in on the GA ramp. Transient parking and BxA parking do not require tie-downs. Advice on tie-down materials and methods can be found on the Pilot’s Survival Guide.

Can I camp with my plane?

Yes. Camping next to your plane is permitted as long as your tent and all your gear are secured for up to 50 mph winds.

Is fuel available at 88NV?

No fuel is available for purchase on-playa, but 100LL may be purchased in advance.  Information for fuel purchase will be made available on the Airport-Announce email list and the same information will be available on the Airport Blog.

Will the FAA be at 88NV?

Yes. The FAA attends Burning Man and performs several ramp checks to ensure proper documentation and weight and balance.

Can I fly over the event even if I am not landing?

We have a lot of activity at the event and we do ask Pilots to register and take the pilot training to help understand how all the procedures work together. While this is not required to land, in order to operate safely, we ask that you follow all the arrival, departure, and scenic procedures. Please use the airport’s CTAF/UNICOM frequency and refer to your flight as a “Scenic and Go.” Do not fly directly over the city!


Do I need a ticket to land at 88NV?

Yes. All pilots and participants are required to have a valid Burning Man ticket or Will Call confirmation in order to land at 88NV. Anyone landing without a valid Burning Man ticket or express written consent from 88NV management will be subject to BLM trespassing law enforcement.

Do they sell tickets at the airport?

No. There are no Burning Man tickets available for sale at the Airport Box Office.

Is there Will Call at the airport?

Yes. The Box Office at the Airport has the capability of looking up your will call ticket information. The Box Office is open during normal Airport operational hours.

Ride Gifting

What do I need to do to gift rides?

Anyone wishing to gift rides must have a Scenic Pilot Briefing. These are scheduled twice a day at 9am and 4pm and last an hour. Upon completion, pilots will receive a wristband to escort passengers outside of the fence and briefing confirmation will be uploaded to the pilot database for the tower. Ride Wrangler volunteers at the Pilot’s In/Out Gate help organize eager passengers and will aid pilots in arranging flights.

Can I charge money to gift rides?

No. No money of any kind can be exchanged at Burning Man.


What do I need to do to leave the event?

Pilots wishing to leave the event need to notify the Air Standards and Safety Supervisor (ASSS) on the ramp. The ASSS will provide a departure briefing and ensure that your parking spot is clear of any MOOP making it available for reassignment.