Notes from May 25, 2022 Meeting

May 25, 2022                             {Zoom meeting would not record – SO SORRY!}

Here are some notes: 

Welcome – 

What’s new?

Flight Ops:

-Tower – ATC starting 8am Aug 24

-Scenic Skies – explain:  No new arrivals 6-8 am No BxA, GA only. 

-Water for GA pilots – How?  Lisa Kipfer (BxA Manager) explained how to order water for pilots flying in.    Here is the link. 

–Wings event Jun 18, 2022 9am PDT Venture is leading the class.  You can learn more here 

  • Advisory/charts/training/test are soft-opened  Link here
  • Advisory: simplified some, new frequencies etc for ATC though
  • Charts: similar to last year

*New* Training: On Burning Man Hive, optional, but has fun videos and photos – Different presentation of material, might be better for visual learners

  • Test philosophy: covering safety-critical items, changes this year, and issues that are painful for all involved
  • 17 questions for GA
  • Each question is graded right away, retry until correct, meant to be a learning experience – please send feedback to 


  • Receiver in the tower + ATC will use it, so if you’re on the fence here’s your nudge
  • Custom map of the event, will make a timelapse at least
  • How can we share it outside the tower?   Help wanted

Logistics: Devious

  • Approved Village Layout 
  • Traffic Circle  – not a circle in order to move us closer together. 
  • Types of Camps – Theme vs Work Support vs Volunteer Camping
  • Camping for Volunteers is available in designated areas (not connected to a camp)

People: Sarah (Mischievous)

  • Shiftboard Dates open and for whom
    • Jun 1, 2022 Invite Only
    • Jun 7, 2022 All Open Shift

What about Tickets?

  • Just received information on our allocation. 
  • We are providing for recruited/critical positions first
  • Work Support Camps – have an allocation of tickets
  • Other critical roles are our priority
  • Questionnaire form Fill it out!  We need to know what you want to do, what your experience level is and we might be able to help with ticket support.  Of course we don’t have enough tickets for everyone, but we will do our best and would LOVE to have you help out at the airport!
    • We have discounted tickets for those who sign up for 16-20 hours.  $475 (Car pass $140)  

Gifting:  Dave Michel

  • Results of survey – Thanks for helping.  
  • We will have racks to store people’s stuff while they fly
  • New things to look for –  Water for pilots gifting.  
  • (There were lots of jokes about having margaritas after gifting hours in the chat)
  • There was a request for a community of gifters.  Alex said that he felt isolated as a new gifter.  
  • This brought up the new question on our pilot registration about whether you are new to flying into burning man.  If so, we can pair you up with an experienced pilot to ask questions, etc.  


  • People asked about tickets.
  • We suggested everyone fill out the questionnaire form.
  • We will be emailing everyone who has completed the questionnaire.
  • Next meeting in July.  We will send invite via Airport Announce.  

Someone asked for emails from the team:

Airport Manager Tumbleweed: 

Airport Asst. Manager:

Logistics Manager:

People Manager:

BxA Manager:

Safety Manager: