Shiftboard is OPEN!

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Hey Volunteers!

Thanks for your patience – all of the shifts are on Shiftboard, so head on over and check it out : )


1. Update your e-mail address NOW in Shiftboard/on your Burner Profile.

2. Please DO NOT sign up for shifts until you are 100% committed! Signing up a shift and then not showing up means putting a strain on the rest of your team and takes an opportunity away from someone else.

A couple of changes…

A. Shifts that occur before the start of the event are by approval by a manager only. You can add your name to the sign up list and you will hear back by the end of June if you are assigned the shift.

B. Shifts are now organized into 3 tiers:

Green = entry-level

Yellow = intermediate (past airport volunteering required)

Red = supervisory (by invitation only)

Some shifts are visible on Shiftboard but you can only add your name to the Sign Up list, or it might tell you to send a manager a message. If you have previous experience and feel you qualify for one of these shifts, please send me (airport-volunteers[at] a message with reference to the shift and why you qualify.

C. If you want to arrive before the start of the event you must:

1. Camp at the airport until the official event opening.

2. Work at least one shift at the airport each day until the event opens.

Thank you for your gift! We can’t do this without you!


Volunteer Manager | 88NV