Shiftboard Sign Up

Signing up for Airport Shifts. This page will walk you through that process, step-by-step.

  1. Determine what volunteer role you would like to take on, and what ice house you would like to work in.
  2. If you already have a Burner Profile, ignore this step: Use the Burner Profile Walk-Through (Artica Version) to create a new profile. Anywhere it says to choose at least Artica, sub in Airport
  3. If you’ve already filled out a volunteer questionnaire, ignore this step: Use the Volunteer Questionnaire Walk-Through (Artica version) to select Arctica (Ice Sales) as a volunteering option. Anywhere it says to choose at least Artica, sub in Airport
  4. Visit
    • If you have NEVER logged into Shiftboard, then you will need to enter the email address used for your Burner Profile and click “Forgot Password” to have a new Shiftboard password sent to you.
    • If your email is not recognized when you select “Forgot Password,” you either need to wait for your Burner Profile to become active, OR you haven’t yet completed your Burner Profile or Volunteer Questionnaire in steps 1 & 2. Images below for error page reference:
  5. Check your email (and junk mail folder) for your Shiftboard password.
  6. Return to and enter your email and password, then click Login.
  7. Click on the ‘Calendar’ link near the top left corner of the page, or in the grey pop-up box on the screen. This will take you to the calendar page.
  8. Change the date to August, and then either press Next until you find the day you would like to volunteer on, OR click Day, and select the specific date you would like to volunteer on.
  9. Under the day you selected, find an open shift that you would like to volunteer for and click on it. This will prompt a grey box to open on the right side of the page, with shift details, and a button that says ‘Take This Shift.’
  10. Click on the ‘Take This Shift’ button to acknowledge the shift. This will take you to a confirmation page. Click on the button that says ‘Yes, Confirm This Time,’ and your shift will show up automatically on the calendar. Make sure the location you have selected is the one you want, as there are 3 ice houses to choose from.


You are now successfully signed up for a shift with Arctica!

  • If you realize you have confirmed the wrong shift, or are no longer available to work your shift, select the shift in the calendar. A grey box will appear on the right side of the screen. Click ‘Unconfirm.’
    • When you click ‘Unconfirm,’ you will be taken to an ‘Unconfirmation’ page. Click on ‘Yes, Unconfirm,’ and you will be removed from the shift. This will automatically update the calendar, and the shift will reappear as available.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Plex, at plex(at), if you have any questions! We appreciate all of our volunteers who make volunteering with Airport a part of their Burn. Fly High!


— UPDATE JULY 2018 —

We released our volunteer shifts in late May and early June via Shiftboard.  There are still a few shifts available, but everything is in Shiftboard. If your favorite shift is taken, please keep looking, volunteers’ situations change and a few additional shifts become available each day and then appear on shiftboard. You can also stop by the Customs Cabin and talk to the Volunteer Wrangler at the Airport once you are at Burning Man to see what shifts are available.