2016 Briefing: Dusty Dos and Dirty Don’ts

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DO follow our rules for a fun, safe, future. A pilot whose behavior has been repeatedly unacceptable over the years with a previous FAA warning and a BLM citation, has been banned from the Airport this year. Another pilot was caught running a rogue air carrier service and had his license suspended by the FAA.  Stopping this is one of our top priorities and is part of our mandate. Infractions of local rules, disregard for public safety and random acts of aerial mayhem will be witnessed by FAA representatives from Reno FSDO, who are present throughout the event. You have been warned !!!

  • DON’T be the “ASS” in ambassador. Please do not do anything to cast the Airport or our operations in a negative light to the citizens of BRC. They are just like the citizens of any other metro area—largely uninformed about general aviation.
  • DO remember FAA regulations regarding flights for COMPENSATION…shared operating costs only! All hired flights must also obtain a permit from the BLM prior to departure. Remember you become considered an Air Carrier if you have either transported passengers more than 2 times or transported more than 5 to/from the event.
  • DO NOT dust your neighbors with your prop wash, the playa already does that enough.
  • DO watch-out for ultralights, skydivers, towed gliders, helicopters, tethered and free-flight balloons, drones, aircraft, and vehicles on the ground!  It can get crowded up there especially the weekend of the burn when historically we have been busier than Reno or Sacramento!
  • DO keep the fence clear…the orange “perimeter fence” also called the “trash fence” must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.  NO TENTS, NO BIKES, NO LUGGAGE
  • DO have fun and fly safe!

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