2016 Briefing: Fuel

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No Public Fuel:

There is no aviation fuel for sale or available to you at BRC unless you or your campmates bring it or you participate in the Group Fuel buy-in.

Do not fly to Black Rock City without enough reserves to safely fly to a nearby airport that has fuel and your FAA required minimums.  See theNearby Airports page for fuel services.

Group Fuel:
We are fortunate to have a volunteer coordinate a group fuel purchase which is delivered to the playa. This fuel will NOT be sold on the playa. Only those pilots who participated in the community fuel pre-buy will be allowed to use this fuel.

July 24, 2015 to August 3, 2015 is the buy-in period.
Watch for announcements on one of the AV lists.  TODO DELETE?  NEW FUEL

Those caught stealing fuel or any other property will be arrested immediately and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Fuel Storage Large Capacity:
Mobile Fueler must adhere to all DOT state and local regulations regarding storage, signage, fire extinguishers, and transport of fuel. Mobile Fueler must be approved prior to bringing to BRCMA by the Air Commander and/or Airport Safety Officer.  TODO CONFIRM STILL APPROPRIATE?

NEW FOR 2016: BRCMA Fuel Containment Unit  with barrels is being replaced with a Mobile Fueler for group buy-in.
Fuel may be stored in approved drums/barrels up to 55 gallons with prior approval of the Air Commander and/or Airport Safety Officer.  TODO check

Fuel Storage/Transport Small Capacity:

5 gallon or smaller fuel containers may only be filled up to 80% to allow for expansion.

Metal fuel containers are recommended as they are easier to bond with aircraft and thus avoid fires from static discharge that can occur from plastic fuel containers.

Fueling funnels should be metal with a chamois to pour the fuel through to elimiate water in the fuel.

All fuel containers and drums must be stored in a Fuel Containment Unit and have prior approval of the Air Commander and/or Air Safety Officer or in a private smaller Portable Fuel Containment Unit such as a cement mixing tub, oil changing pan, plastic bin, etc.  The capacity of any Fuel Containment Unit should be at least 110% of the largest single container stored in the unit.  TODO CHECK

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