2016 Briefing: Tokens Gifting Rides

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Gifting Rides:
We have literally changed people’s lives with their first ride in a private plane.  Some have come back to share they are now student pilots!  We are very committed to continue Gifting Rides.

Gifting Rides with Friends:
Take your friends directly to Border Control and follow procedure for Tokens.  If you have room for additional passengers see the Ride Wrangler.

Finding Passengers:  Gifting Rides through Ride Wrangler
The Ride Wrangler will be in charge of matching Burners who would love the gift of a ride with available pilots. This relieves the pressure on pilots from being besieged with ride requests.

Passenger Protocol:  We appreciate it if you’re able to gift rides to volunteers but not when they are on duty!

  • You are responsible for the safety and conduct of your passengers.
  • Passengers must have a Temporary Visa wristband to go onto ramp and return through Customs and get back into the event. You must personally escort all passengers to and from your aircraft and the gate.
  • Park in transient parking/staging area if you are making multiple flights.
  • Be aware of the BRCMA definition of Air Carrier, FAA Part 135 and BLM SRP when transporting people arriving to or departing from the event.
  • If bringing in newly arriving passenger/s you must have a new Pilot Manifest and escort passengers through ticket processing. You are responsible for immediately flying out any passenger who does not have a valid ticket. Remember, you must land by 17:30 PDT with newly arriving passengers, otherwise runways close at 18:30.

We have expanded the Token System due to new rules per the BLM regarding an up-to-the-minute, accurate census of how many citizens are within Black Rock City at any given time.  Part 135 Air Charters that have complied with all 88NV rules and contracts are accounted for through Customs and are thus exempt from the Token System.

Regardless of whether you are flying solo or with passengers, tokens are now required for all flights departing and returning to 88NV including Scenic Pattern, Mile High, trips to Reno, the hot springs etc.. The number of Tokens available can be adjusted up or down almost instantly by the Air Commander for the optimal number of planes in the air.

Scenic Tokens or Boomerang Tokens are obtained from Ramp Dog or Ramp Puppy at the Ramp Dog Tower. There is usually no wait, however, a wait-list sheet will be provided if needed.  All Tokens (with the exception of Serial! ) must be signed in and out.

Steps for Gifting Rides, Passengers and Tokens:

  1. If you need passengers, Ride Wrangler has a list of prospective, hopeful and eager passengers.
  2. If you already have passengers (friends) go directly to get Temporary Visa wristbands from Border Control.  Passengers will NOT be allowed back in through Gate One without a Temporary Visa wristband !
  3. Tokens are obtained from the Ramp Dog / Ramp Puppy, the number of passengers are counted.
  4. After the ride the Token is returned to Ramp Dog, and number of returning passengers are verified. The Token must be returned even if you are just swapping passengers.
  5. Escort your passengers through the airport gate, Gate One.


Serial Gifter Token:  
This was created to reward and encourage pilots who have historically and generously offered the most gifted rides during the week. These extremely limited-issue tokens will be awarded by the Air Commander and retained by the assigned  pilot for the duration of the event. Serial Gifter Tokens allow the pilot to sign-in and out via radio with Ramp Dog.

Scenic Token: 
Is required for all flights in the Scenic Pattern.  Any flights of over one hour WILL be met by the Interceptor. Ramp Puppy will be monitoring times in and out.

Boomerang Token = flights AWAY from and RETURNING to the Event:
Is required for all flights leaving the immediate Scenic Pattern area (Reno, Soldier Meadows, etc.) and includes spending the night/s off-site.  It is regardless of whether the Scenic Pattern is included in the  flight.

Outbound Boomerang:

  • PASSENGERS need Temporary Visa (wristband) and brought to Ramp Puppy.
  • BOOMERANG TOKEN given by Ramp Puppy for departure
  • SCENIC PATTERN (optional), notify Ramp Puppy if you are flying the Slow/Fast Scenic Pattern outbound.

Inbound Boomerang:

  • SCENIC PATTERN (optional),  notify Unicom and announce your intent to enter the Inbound Scenic Pattern 7000’ MSL (3000′ AGL)
  • LANDING return Token and process passengers with Ramp Puppy.
  • NEWLY ARRIVING PASSENGERS must be processed by Customs, pilots must remain with their newly arriving passengers until Ticketing is completed.

Token General Rules:  TODO CONFIRM

  • You may not give a Token to another pilot.
  • You may not sign-up for future Tokens on the wait-list while in the possession of a Token.
  • If a pilot does not claim his/her Token on wait-list it will pass down to the next pilot on the wait-list.
  • If a pilot does not claim his/her Token when available for 3 times then his/her name will be removed from the wait-list.

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