Camping FAQ

Can I camp at the Airport?

If you join one of the existing camps at Airport, yes. Otherwise, no.

Who can camp at the Airport?

Camping is reserved for registered camps who all have a direct supportive relationship to the Airport and its community. In other words, we are a department camp & friends. There is no open camping at the Airport. All our camps are listed in the Camping menu, with contacts. We welcome you to inquire about joining a camp!

Are there rules that govern camps in BRC?

You betcha! To read the official word on camps in BRC, see Camps and Placement.

Pilots camping under the wing, see Plane Camping.

Will my phone or internet work?

No and no. Using phones and smart devices takes you away from the immediacy of the experience you came to BRC to have. Don’t be a cultural idiot. Ditch your phone.

While we’re at it, any camera you carry is for photographing you and your immediate circle only. DO NOT photograph other Burners without their permission. This is a violation of consent. Consent matters to us a LOT. Don’t be a consent idiot. ASK FIRST.

Press in BRC must Register with Media Mecca. Airport Staff don’t grant interviews except through official BRC communication channels.

Can I obtain and store fuel?

There is no fuel available for purchase in BRC.

Aviation fuel is available in Winnemucca or through 88NV’s group prepaid buy-in. Email us with questions about prepaid fuel.

Theme Camps, contracted generators, and Mutant Vehicles have alternative  options. Fuel must be in an appropriate container. Airport safety team pays attention. Do it right or we put the smack down.

Isn’t Airport a million miles from stuff?

No. It’s like less than a mile to Center Camp. Bring your bike and light it up! Yellow Bikes are for sharing (not keeping) so if you get a green beach cruiser at the Airport, it’s yours to ride out and hand off in town.

Where’s the gold toilet and steam shower?  

We place 20 portos throughout Airport and on the ramp. They’re pumped daily. If it did not come out of your body, do not put it in a potty. Treat them nice. Bring hand sanitizer!

No shower facilities. Hate that? Build one! Used water is grey water. Do not pour it on the playa. Take it out with you or evaporate it. 

Can I get RV Service?

If you plan ahead. Pump out and potable water  trucks do not make the Airport part of their regular route. Make sure you and your camp plan ahead.

Is there trash collection?

No. Your camp should have a plan to manage the trash it generates. Mama doesn’t live here. You clean up after you.

When you leave, you MOOP your spot. Pilots and campers who do not MOOP face consequences and general ire. Airport crew who have to pick up your shit know which campsite it came from.