Staff Ops Camp

We ran away and joined The Flying Circus

One day, a gang of bricoleurs hatched a pirate camp from a golden egg in the middle of a magic disappearing Airport and they named it The Flying Circus

This enchanted camp is now the life support system for the Airport Operations Team. We co-create Burning Man, and our chosen way of participating is to build, operate, and strike the Airport. Running an airport is fun for folks who thrive under pressure. It takes immense responsibility and commitment.

The Flying Circus has a mission to reinforce, restore, and revitalize those who devote their time and energy to supporting operations at our astonishing Airport. This camp is for staff and volunteers at 88NV. If you’re an extra-committed volunteer and you want to run away and join The Flying Circus too, ask your Airport Ops Team Manager about what it takes to join camp.

The Flying Circus is not the only camp at the Airport. Hundreds of Burners live here in awesome work support and theme camps. All residents at or around the Airport must be a member of, or affiliated with, one of these existing camps. THERE IS NO OPEN CAMPING AT AIRPORT/POINT 5.

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