Work Support Camps

Fly By Nite Camp

This work support camp offers a spot for airport crew to relax in the shade away from their duties. Don’t miss the annual celebration of the Mayor’s B-day! Phone/pad charging stations for villagers. Don’t miss the annual celebration of the Mayer’s B-day (Thursday nite or Friday) with live music and aerial visual projections.
To learn more, email Fly By Nyte: sibylle@

Camp Plex

This work support camp offers  impeccable hospitality and great conversation for off-duty airport folks and they have a lovely atmosphere. Email Plex@ with questions.
What even are Work Support Camps? 

Folks volunteering for a Burning Man Department (like Airport!) during the event can form a Work Support Camp and secure a specific camping spot. This is kinda, sorta, like a theme camp except the theme is Work and the Camp is Airport. At least half of the campers in a Work Support Camp must be active volunteers of the Airport Operations Team!

All residents at or around the Airport must camp with one of Airport’s existing camps. There is NO OPEN CAMPING at Airport/Point 5! The work support camps above are not the only camps at the Airport. Hundreds of Burners live next door in awesome staff camps and an interactive theme camp.

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