Passenger FAQ

How can I get to my camp in BRC?   

You can have a friend with an officially licensed mutant vehicle pick you up! Don’t have one of those? Make a friend! Mutants visit the airport often and some save room for passengers.

If you’re the type who appreciates a firm schedule, well, this will be a growth opportunity for you! You can take the shuttle bus from Airport into BRC about every half-hour-ish. Plan for it to show up when it shows up.

You can test your fortitude and hoof it to the city, which looks far away, but isn’t even a mile! Seriously. This will be your first of many long walks. You’re gonna see some really cool things. Literally everything here can be an epic adventure. 

What you can’t do is have a personal vehicle pick you up at the Airport because they’re not authorized to drive in BRC. We are a pedestrian city. Feet and bikes only. Licensed mutant vehicles, official/emergency vehicles, and handicapped accessible vehicles are the exceptions, and all require an official permit.

What about my luggage?

What about your luggage! If you fly or drive or teleport into BRC, YOU are responsible for yourself, and your gear, and caring for both. Radical self-reliance makes this whole thing work, so grab a handy dandy luggage cart (see? we’re helping already!) and haul your gear through the gate at the Airport. If you’re a pilot camped on the ramp, lucky you, no hauling nothin’. Staff will assist BxA passengers if retrieving luggage requires access to secure spaces. Then it’s up to you.

Can I wear my glitter-soaked feather boa on the plane?

Leave the MOOP-wear at home! While it may be beautiful and fabulous, it is not appropriate at the Airport or anywhere within Black Rock City, as it flies against the very important principle of “Leave No Trace“. We go to great measures to ensure the airport is a MOOP-free zone, and we depend on the participation of Airport visitors to achieve this goal!

What happens if my campmate has my paper ticket and doesn’t meet me once I arrive?

Use this scenario as an opportunity to flex your Radical Self-Reliance! Burners are a resourceful people, and we are confident that you can find a way to have your own ticket in your own hands before you board your flight into Black Rock City. If you have somehow come upon a series of unfortunate events that has prevented your ticket from getting to you in time, you WILL NOT be permitted entry into the event. If you insist someone is coming to the airport with your ticket and you want to wait for them, you will confined to our maximum security BRC prison for a maximum sentence of one hour before you are exiled back from whence you came.

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