Trying to get to Burning Man on a wing and a prayer? Here are some options to help you out.

Vehicle and Flight Sharing

Burning Man has a page devoted to ride sharing. You can create offers or request rides in vehicles or airplanes (make sure what icon you are selecting).

  • Please be aware that Federal Aviation Regulations do not permit anyone offering a flight to ask for more than a pro-rata share of the flight cost (fuel or aircraft rental) unless they are an FAA approved charter service. It is not rude to ask for receipts as you as a passenger are responsible for this as well. If the pilot states they are an approved charter, Burning Man requires that they register with the Burner Express Air (BxA) program.
  • Also, all pilots are required to have a ticket to land at 88NV. If a pilot lands at 88NV without authorization, you as a passenger will be required to board and depart with the pilot due to BLM requirements.


Burner Express (Bus & Air)

Burning Man helps facilitates for-hire air charter and bus services through the Burner Express program. More information on rides and tickets can be found below.