Travel by Air

All Pilots Must Be Pre-Approved to Fly to BRC 

Read our Rules for noncommercial pilots. Read our commercial pilot Advisory. If you have doubts about any Air Carrier Services offering to fly to the Playa, tell us.

Check Your Tickets, Twice!

You must have a valid Burning Man entry ticket before arriving at Black Rock City. There are no tickets for sale at any Gate. You will be required to leave immediately if you do not possess either a valid paper ticket or one waiting at the Box Office Will Call. Black Rock City is in the middle of nowhere. Don’t come without a ticket.

Ride Sharing 

Fun, adventure, scenery, and speed are all reasons to consider flying into BRC via 88NV! Check out Burning Man 2017 Rideshare. The FAA, BLM, and BRC have specific rules regarding sharing a flight to Burning Man. The FAA states that you may not be charged more than your fair share of expenses for fuel, oil, and any plane rental fees. Some rental fees may include the cost of gas. This is a shared cost and your pilot cannot pay less than individual passengers, nor can they charge for maintenance, insurance, etc. If you have concerns about an improper flight-sharing arrangement, tell us.

If you want to be certain you have a flight, consider using an approved charter services.

Burner Express Air

Burner Express Air (BxA) is a Burning Man initiative to lower the cost of air travel to the event, make it simpler to book flights, and support ongoing efforts to promote alternative transportation and reduce traffic congestion on Highway 447. Managed by Advantage Flight Solutions, LLC, a Burner-owned, Burner-operated air carrier that pioneered charter flights to Burning Man in 2005.

2017 flights begin Wednesday, August 23 and continue through Monday, September 4. Passengers traveling to Burning Man prior to Saturday, August 26 must produce a valid bar-coded Work Access Pass (WAP, formerly known as an Early Arrival Pass). On Saturday, August 26 your Burner Express Air booking counts as your WAP!

Procedures for Flying In and Out of BRC

How much does that thing weigh?

You will not be able to fit everything you need for Burning Man in a plane. Make other arrangements for the delivery of your supplies if needed. Prepare carefully, and remember: radical self-reliance! Extreme desert camping! Pack it in, pack it out, leave no trace!

Arrival By Air

Arrive by air between 06:00 PDT and 18:00 pm PDT. No planes are permitted to land at 88NV before 06:00 PDT or after 18:00 PDT. Passengers must be escorted at all times by their pilot or a representative from the charter company until they are processed through Airport Gate.

  • Step 1: Validate your ticket at Box Office, 1st Stamp
    • $60 Airport Gate Use Fee every individual must pay before entering the Event through Airport Gate
    • Airport Volunteers may bring a copy of their Shiftboard schedule to Box Office to have their Gate Use Fee waived (we love you, thank you!)
    • Credit cards and paper tickets are processed quickest, but Will Call available and cash accepted
  • Step 2:  Documentation at Passport Office, 2nd Stamp
    • Your name will be checked off the Flight Manifest
  • Step 3: Show your two hand stamps in the Customs Shack – Welcome Home!
    • You will be greeted by the Department of Homeland Insecurity
    • If it’s your first time to Black Rock City, engage in your first Radical Ritual by ringing the bell to announce your presence, then mark the occasion with a roll in the playa dust!

Departure by Air

For flight information and assistance visit Burner Express Air in the Charter departures area. Passengers with previously scheduled flights must check in at least 45 minutes prior to departure. Charter Liaisons are helpful volunteers who can assist, too!

In and Out Passes & Main Gate

If you leave BRC for another destination (like Reno or Gerlach) and wish you wish to re-enter the Event, you must purchase an In and Out Pass. Passes are not available at the time of re-entry — you must purchase the Pass before you exit BRC. You must present your ticket stub to purchase an In and Out Pass from Gate staff. Passes can be purchased at the Airport gate (or at Main Gate) during operational hours.