Tickets, Timing & Volunteer shifts

88NV Volunteers, Pilots and Enthusiasts,

One of the recurring themes in questions has been about tickets and volunteering of all sorts for 2022. In an effort to be transparent and answer as many questions as we can, we have put together this email to help keep everyone in the loop.


February: Placement “Steward (formerly DGS)” sale registration opens.  These tickets are for placed camps, art projects, mutant vehicles and their members, among other groups that are Stewards of Black Rock City.  If you are a member of a theme camp (ie BRTA) please be in touch with your camp or project leads about this ticket sale. 

March:  Placement Steward sale opens, 

March: Main ticket sale registration opens, and happens. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.55.21 AM.png

Volunteer Positions/Shifts: Things, they are a-changin.  The airport leadership team will be huddling as soon as everyone is on board to discuss, design and determine what positions, shifts and roles need to happen for 2022.  We hope this will be possible in the next few weeks. Shiftboard should be up and ready to roll in May or June, if all goes as planned.  

Airport related tickets: Tickets associated with roles at the Airport, are allocated after the main sale and shifts have been filled in shiftboard for the current year. We encourage our community to be radically self reliant and support the greater Burning Man community by registering for a ticket in the main sale.  While tickets do become available for Airport team members, it is not guaranteed as they are often limited in quantity. The limited allocation is to fill gaps in teams with wonderful volunteers and stewards to keep our unique, fabulous, one-in-a-million airport open and running smoothly. 

People are writing to us saying they were “guaranteed” a ticket for their volunteer hours.  If someone in the past made you this promise, we are extremely sorry, as volunteering is just that, freely giving your time because you want to; not as a transaction.  We do need volunteers, and we will have some tickets available to support their entry to Burning Man.  We will not have those details until later in this year, after shiftboard is up and shifts are filled.  

We feel so fortunate to be part of a community full of caring, understanding, and enthusiasm.  We will continue to keep you informed about all things Point5/Airport/88NV.  


PS.  Please send any follow-up questions regarding airport tickets to:

Official info on tickets is available here: