Volunteer FAQ

Volunteer FAQ

Do I need a ticket to volunteer at the Burning Man event (and before/after)?


How can I find out about other volunteer opportunities throughout the year?

Check out additional volunteer opportunities in Black Rock City here! 

I am interested in volunteering, but I am not quite sure what roles I am qualified for?

We’re updating 2020 roles and will make it easy to understand the responsibilities and required qualifications associated with each. We welcome everyone of all skill levels throughout airport operations teams and shifts fill quickly!

I would like to be involved in something where my aviation experience could be put to use.

Great, we always review the volunteer signups for aviation experience and if we have an opening that might fit we will reach out to you!

Do I get to choose the role/position I want to work?

-We have a lot of roles, some require specific or previous experience.  All open shifts are in Shiftboard.

Do I get to choose the time of my shift?

We have scheduled shifts to ensure that we have coverage during the airport hours but you get to choose from the available shifts.  Make sure to join the airport-announce list we mentioned in the welcome email.

How many days out of the week do I have to sign up for?

We recommend that your first and last days on playa be spent setting/acclimatizing and breaking down/mooping. There is no minimum number of shifts, but if you want to put a number on it, for your first year on playa, try to volunteer 2-4 times and try out several teams. Make sure to keep a balance in your Burning Man experience reserving some time to explore and meet new people as well.