Airport’s Corner of BRC (aka Point 5)

Airport Operations staff, work support camps full of volunteers, a theme camp full of pilots, and lots of friends live here! You’re welcome to visit, camp & encouraged to volunteer!

Read more about Airport camping options in the Camping menu above, where you will find contact info for individual camp leads.

You can also learn more about how camps in Black Rock City work.

Who camps at the Airport?  Camping is reserved for campers who all have a direct supportive relationship to the Airport and its community. If you want to contribute to the Airport, we welcome you!  All of our camps are listed in the Camping Menu, with contacts.  If you don’t wish to join an existing camp, let’s chat! 

Social events at the airport, 2022 edition! (yet to be updated for 2023)

Here are a few great times to come and socialize:
  • Monday-Saturday 10-1: Barista Box Cafe – serving Espressos, Capucchinos and Hot/Iced Coffees to all of airport and its visitors.  (Hosted by Camp Flybynite)
  • Every evening 4-6 PM: Happy Hour at Drunken Pilot’s Phoenix Bar – bring a cup.  Live entertainment on the Starport Stage starting at 6. Check schedule on playa. (Hosted by BRTA)
  • Monday 8 PM-Midnight: Stars at the Starport.  Presentation by a professional astronomer followed by telescope viewing.  Courtesy Black Rock Observatory. (Hosted by BRTA)
  • Tuesday 5-7 PM: Airport Village Meet & Greet for airport volunteers, staff, charter, Camp Plex and Flybynite. Live entertainment, open bar and spaghetti feed. (Hosted by BRTA)
  • Thursday 8:30-10:30 AM or until the pancake batter runs out! Please join us for a Traditional Airport Pancake Breakfast. Open to ALL citizens of Black Rock City. (Hosted by BRTA)
  • Saturday (Man burn day) 2-6 PM: Annual Airport Blow-out Cocktail Party! The more the merrier! Invite all your friends! Live entertainment, open bar and BBQ (hosted by BRTA)
  • Information and entertainment will be broadcasting Live at Point Five 99.5 by UnklVik and Shouting Fire Radio.

Airport costume theme days for 2022 are here!