Airport’s Corner of BRC (aka Point 5)

Airport Operations staff, work support camps full of volunteers, a theme camp full of pilots, and lots of friends live here! You’re welcome to visit, camp & encouraged to volunteer!

Read more about Airport camping options in the Camping menu above, where you will find contact info for individual camp leads.

You can also learn more about how camps in Black Rock City work.

Who camps at the Airport?  Camping is reserved for campers who all have a direct supportive relationship to the Airport and its community. If you want to contribute to the Airport, we welcome you!  All of our camps are listed in the Camping Menu, with contacts.  If you don’t wish to join an existing camp, let’s chat! 

Social events at, or by, the airport 2023:

  • Wednesday 7PM: Airport volunteer appreciation party!  Meet in the Scenic Tent.
  • Sailorman is talking about “Happiness, How to Face Your Fears and Find It” at Center Camp on Weds at 2pm!
  • Hosted by Black Rock Travel Agency (BRTA):
    • Every evening 4:30-6:30 PM: Agency’s legendary Bar is open daily under the Starport. Feel free to bring alcohol and non alcohol/mixers to donate! Bring a cup!
    • Daily Starport Activities – pilot briefings, entertainment throughout the day, “concierge services”, portrait and candid photography. Stop by and maybe you will see other surprise activities.
    • Tuesday 4-8 PM.  Airport Village Meet & Greet w/pasta feed All airport village residents and volunteers are welcome!!
    • Wednesday 8 PM-Midnight: Stars at the Starport.  Black Rock Observatory will bring their telescopes and take us on a tour of the heavens!
    • Wednesday 8PM: Fire Conclave Performance in the airport oval
    • Thursday 8AM Pancake Breakfast – More than pancakes! Come ‘n get it, until they run out!
    • Saturday (Man burn day) 2-6 PM. Annual Airport Blow-out Cocktail Party! Our big blowout cocktail party before the man burn to finish off the rest of the alcohol. Come in your aviation-themed garb and help the pilots lighten their load!
  • Hosted by Camp Flybynite:
    • Mon-Sat 8-noon – Flybynyte Barista Box is serving delicious coffee drinks, from café lattes to iced coffees. Bring your own cup, we’d luv to serve you!
    • Mon-Sat 8-12:30 – The Flybynyte Café is open. Rest in the shade while listening to D-Minor playing e-piano live. Burners waiting for their scenic rides who would rather listen to music than aviation talk are encouraged to wander over to our Café.
    • Tue+Wed+Fri 10-12 – Flight Instruction Ground School: Our fun instructors will teach about flying airplanes + related topics students come across in ground school but in a burner way. We can go easy or deep. These lessons will happen in coordination with the Scenic Rides airport docents, either they will happen under the scenic rides tent or at the Flybynyte Café. Will be posted.
    • Mon+Wed+Thur+Sat 8:15-9:15am Aviation Themed Portraits: While you wait for your ride in an airplane, have your portrait taken in the airport environment at the scenic rides area
    • Mon-Sat evenings – Anima Mundi – A Slide Show of Aerial Animalia – a night time presentation at the Flybynyte Café
    • Thursday+Sat 9-noon – Live Painting: Edelweiss will be doing live painting with interested burners at the Café.
    • Lectures
      • Tue 12:15 PM – 1 PM – The Magic of Flying Seaplanes – at the scenic rides area or Flybynyte CaféLearn what is special about flying seaplanes and why seaplanes open up a world of new flying opportunitie
      • Thur 12:15 PM – 1 PM – Aviator’s Vision: Why Pilots See Differently – at the scenic rides area or Flybynyte Café.  Learn what is unique about the way in which pilots see and how learning to fly can help develop your brain.

Airport costume theme days for 2023 are here!