Getting in

Getting Into BRC: Airplane Edition

Flying into Black Rock City Municipal Airport is a wonderful way to start off your Burning Man experience! We pride ourselves on being the only non-military pop-up airport in the world, and are excited to share this experience with as many attendees as we can.

That being said, this is a REAL AIRPORT, and every airport must have rules to in place to ensure safety and security:

– Passengers must be escorted at all times by their pilot or a representative of BxA (in the case of charter flights), until they have completed the entire entry/ticketing process

– GA Pilots must be checked in on the GA Ramp prior to entering the event. We will come to you!

Once that’s taken care of, everyone’s entry into BRC will commence as follows:

Stage 1 Box Office: Tickets and Will Call

  • Validate your paper Burning Man ticket or pick up from Will Call
  • Pay $80 Gate use fee by credit card! No one’s chasing cash in a dust storm, and even cash is considered MOOP.
    • 88NV Volunteers can show the email confirmation of the fee waiver. YOU need to prove this at the point of entry.  (Sorry folks, while our Box Office team is pretty magical, they don’t have the ability to look it up and verify for you. Prove it or pay it!)

Stage 2 Black Rock City Census: The Story of Us

  • BRC Census collects demographic data from a small percentage of randomly-selected, willing participants to give us a more granular understanding of our event participants and their experiences, and help us determine the course of Burning Man’s future.
  • If a Census volunteer approaches you with a survey, we urge you to just say yes! This could be your first opportunity as a participant at Burning Man!

Stage 3 Gate: the Validation You’ve Always Been Looking For

  • Have your ticket scanned by the friendliest border patrol ever
  • Join the 5% of BRC’s population that officially arrives in BRC via Airport’s Gate
  • With great power comes great responsibility, keep reading!

Stage 4 Customs & Acculturation: BRC Info, Volunteer Support & Greeters

  • Your fellow Black Rock Citizens provide info & advice for Surviving Winning Burning Man
  • We also offer answers to existential questions and a smattering of practical direction
  • Get schooled on how to be a Co-Creator in BRC — there’s that great responsibility bit we mentioned before!
  • If it’s your first time here, announce your presence at the bell with a dust angel
  • Welcome Home!

Stage 5:  Options for getting to your camp in the city

  • Via officially licensed Mutant Vehicle! 
  • Shuttle Bus from the Airport to BRC about every half hour-ish.  Plan for it to show up when it shows up under the shaded bus stop outside of BxA arrivals. 
  • Walk (it’s about a mile). You’re gonna see some really cool things along the way. Literally, everything here can be an epic adventure. 
  • What you can’t do is have a personal vehicle pick you up.  We are a pedestrian city.  Feet and bikes (and busses) are OK.