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Check Your Tickets, Twice!

Please make sure you have a valid Burning Man entry ticket before arriving at Burning Man. See this link for more about ticket validity. There are no tickets for sale at the gate and you will be required to leave immediately.

SHUTTLE BUSBurner Express
The Burner Express runs between SF and Reno to BRC. Info:

Join the lines of cars driving through the gate.  Waiting in line has turned into it’s own kind of party!

RIDE SHARE: Flying  TODO LINK    will we have separate flight section?
Fun, adventure, spectacular scenery, and speed are all reasons to consider flying.  There is high demand for shared flights.  Camping supplies and those necessary Burner costumes may not leave much room for a passenger!  The FAA, BLM, and BRC have specific rules regarding sharing a flight to Burning Man.  The FAA states that you may not be charged more than your fair share of expenses for:  fuel, oil, and rental fees if the airplane is a rental.  Some rental fees may include the cost of gas.  This is a shared cost and your pilot cannot pay less than individual passengers or charge  for maintenence, insurance, etc.!   If you have concerns about an improper flight-sharing arrangement, please send an email to


If you want to be certain you have a flight, consider using one of the approved charter services listed below TODO LINK Anyone flying passengers to and from Burning Man for a fee (beyoind shared expenses) is considered an Air Carrier Operator or charter. These individuals or companies have met the requirements set forth by the FAA, BLM and BRC and ONLY charter companies/individuals that have signed an Air Carrier Agreement directly with Burning Man  will appear on this list. Please check with your charter that the pilots and planes flying you to Black Rock City are indeed covered by an ACA.  Subcontractors who may work with approved Air Carriers are not listed.  Burning Man or BRCMA cannot recommend any particular charter.  If you have doubts about any air carrier services offering to fly to the Playa, please send an email to


Please review the pages at . There are some very entertaining as well as informative videos linked to these pages.  If you are flying in, please check with your pilot or Air Carrier on how much weight/volume they will transport.  It is likely you will have to make other arrangements for the bulk of your supplies.


After being met by an Interceptor, your pilot  is required to guide you through the safety corridor to the offices to process  your ticket. Passengers are required to stay with their pilot.

Step 1: Validate your ticket at the Box Office and pay the $40 Airport fee. Cash and paper tickets are preferred and will expedite your progress, however,  Will Call is available. Your hand will get a stamp.

Step 2:  Show your hand stamp at the Passport Office to have your name checked off the Flight Manifest. Your hand will receive a 2nd stamp.  TODO FLIGHT MANIFEST CHANGES?

Step 3: Show your two stamps in the Customs Shack where you will receive your processing by the Department of Homeland Insecurity and be greeted. Then you can enter the Event Horizon. Welcome!

Approved Air Carriers  TODO CHECK

These individuals or companies have applied for a permit from the US Bureau of Land Management and signed a contract with Burning Man to operate flights at our private airport as an Air Carrier. Please check with the carrier on the status of their permits and contracts before booking your flights.

Advantage Flight Solutions 775 852-3512   
  Alpine Aviation 530 477-7701  
  Boutique Air 855 268-8478   
  Centurion Flight Services  800 983-5444  
  Cinco Air Charter, LLC 909 393-9036   
  Diamond Aviation 619 980-2116  
  Direct Air 714 556-4444  
  El Aero Services 775 883-1500  
  Las Vegas Air Charters 702 600-3021   
  Orion Aviation 919 742-4866   
  Pegasus Elite Aviation 818 742-6666  
  Playa Air Express 775 848-2030  
  Reno Flying Service 775 856-5800  
  Sta Jets 949 756 1111   
  Steelman Aviation 702 873-0221   
  Tech Flight Aviation, LLC 951 285-2269