Theme Camp

Black Rock Travel Agency – BRTA

This theme camp at Point 5 continues a long-standing tradition of hospitality and interactivity at the Airport. BRTA theme camp hosts social events and curates public community spaces like the shady Starport with crows nest lookout, a swell bar to relax in, and a Galley kitchen for camp members.

To learn more about joining this camp, email BRTA!

What even is a theme camp?

Theme camps are public, interactive camps with a purpose! Placement Team explains:

Theme Camps are groups of Burning Man participants who come together to provide a service, education, entertainment, art, or other creative planned or spontaneous interactive experience for everyone in Black Rock City. This interactivity can be truly anything, as long as it happens within your camp!

Theme camps come in all shapes and sizes. Read more about the various kinds of camps in Black Rock City!