Volunteer Information

88NV Operations are successful because of the hard work of hundreds of volunteers. Be one of us!  Some positions are open with no experience required! 

Skills of all types needed: painting | crowd control | lighting lamps | Type A Personalities |encouragers | curmudgeons |outsiders |self-starters |emergency responders | aviation radio operators | builders | musicians | neat freaks | graphic designers | loud people | surveyors | weirdos | academics | Type B personalities | potty mouths | cheerleaders | engineers | patience | experienced aviators | techies | mechanics | artists | performers | climbers | welders | court jesters | cat & dog lovers | morning people | night people | boss ladies | doers | dreamers | writers | pirates | crushers | grinders |bad-asses | lateral problem solvers | nice people

2024 Volunteer Positions!

How to become a Volunteer at Airport:

  1. Create and/or update your Burner Profile located in the Participation Forms section of your Burner Profile, and check the box for Airport
  2. Complete the 88NV Volunteer Survey 

After submitting your Volunteer Survey, our Airport Volunteer Coordinators will be in touch with you in a few weeks.

Other ways to participate:

You can also contribute to the airport in the off-season by joining one or more of our focus groups, called Gaggles.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q:  Do I get to choose the role/position I want to work? 

A:  We have a number of roles, some require specific or previous experience, so please read those carefully in the links above.  We will take your requests into account as much as possible.

Q: Do I get to choose the time of my shift? 

A:  We have scheduled shifts to ensure we have coverage during the airport hours and from there, you can choose from the available shifts.  Once our sign-up tool opens, you will be able to pick from available shifts.

Q:  How many shifts should I sign up for? 

A:  As few or as many as feels right for you.  If this is your first year at Burningman, choose carefully, don’t do too much and enjoy your burn!