Passionate about something at the airport?  “Gaggles” are focused groups of staff + volunteers + pilots + participants who want to contribute to a specific topic at 88NV.  It could be something big or small, something that exists now or something you want to build.  Based on what we heard at the recent community meeting, we’ve created three to start — send a blank email to the address listed below to express interest and join the mailing list.  
NOTE: you will receive an email back in response to your subscription request, asking you to press a button or reply to join.  Pressing the button often doesn’t work, just reply and that should get you signed up.
  • for discussion of airborne procedures at 88NV.  If you’ve figured out the perfect revision to the scenic (or other) pattern that will make everything flow 200% better and burn 90% less avgas, this is the place for you.
  • for discussion of how to organize what happens in the scenic tent: ride wrangler, scenic shepherds, wait lists, activities while waiting, etc — and how to make all of our guests happy campers.
  • for discussion of social events at the airport, ideas for speakers, flight school topics, musical guests, parties, etc!  I hope the theme camps would also like to source ideas and/or coordinate here, but that is up to them, of course.
  • Your passion project not listed here?  Get a few people together, or write up a few-sentence proposal, then email and we’ll create your gaggle.