Your Burning Man Flight Planning Starts Here

Below you will find the essential information to prepare for the adventure of flying into burning man.  Please take this information to heart, it is here to help all pilots have a safe and fun experience.  We are planning a few changes for 2022.  We will be sending out communication the week of January 17, 2022 and will have a community meeting on February 2, 2022.  Details soon! 

The Pilot Advisory and charts are subject to change. Check our blog on the home page or email announcements regarding updates and other news. You don’t get our emails? Crazy! Send a blank email to airport-announce+subscribe@burningman.org and we’ll sign you up for Airport Announcements.

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Please read before you register!

The training course is designed to make sure all 88NV users are aware of all the rules to keep high numbers of traffic coordinated and safe. The training will be presented as several modules consisting of slides and test questions based upon the 2022 Pilot Advisory. You will be required to review each slide and answer each test question with 100% score. You can go back to the slides at anytime to review. If you get any question wrong, you will need to review the slides and answer questions that were previously incorrect.

  1. If you  registered in 2018, your email has been transferred to the current platform 
  2. More information coming soon.  

If you have any questions regarding the Pilot Advisory, test questions, or need technical support, please email FlightOps(at)burningman.org.