Welcome to 88NV!

Black Rock City Municipal Airport rises from dust each August to serve Black Rock Citizens for 13 days, then disappears without a trace. Our Airport reawakens through the collective efforts and dreams of hundreds of exceptional volunteers. We are in awe of your work, and you're ahead of the curve. Thank you, can't wait to see you!

Black Rock City is never the same twice. We don't exist most of the time and when we do, things change constantly. Check back often. Feel befuddled? Look below for help to navigate our site. Read all the things!

Thank you for being a part of 88NV.



You airborne Burners make a journey to the middle of nowhere (like everyone here) but way easier. Oh, wait! That means you have a greater responsibility to be a good citizen! Don't worry, our Customs and Acculturation team will tell you all about it when you get here.

Have your Burning Man ticket in hand or confirmed at Will Call. No tickets are sold onsite and landing at 88NV without an event ticket is a Big No No!


Oh hey there, Pilot. You want to fly your aircraft to Black Rock City? You sure? We require all pilots who intend to land at 88NV to preregister and qualify first, because things can get really weird out here. But you already knew that, didn't you? Because you've totally thought this through, right? Of course! Of course you have.

So start your process already! Persistence is rewarded. Read everything.


Airport Operations staff, work support camps full of volunteers, pilots, friends, BxA folks and a theme camp live here! Fun yes, but this ain't yer mom's basement, come help at the airport! Learn more about joining an existing Airport camp! You're welcome to visit & encouraged to volunteer! 


Want to spend some quality time with the 88NV gang?

HELL YES YOU DO! Volunteer with Airport Operations team.

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