Check Your Tickets, Twice

Come to BRC, all ye who Burn! We want to see you, but don’t try to land at 88NV without a valid Burning Man ticket. No pilot or passenger will be permitted to enter Black Rock City without a valid paper Burning Man event ticket in hand, or a valid Will Call ticket at the Box Office. There are no event tickets for sale onsite. 

No valid ticket, no entry, no exceptions. Black Rock City is literally in the middle of nowhere. Don’t come without a ticket!

How much does that thing weigh?

News Flash! You will not be able to fit everything you need for a week at Burning Man in a small plane or under the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Prepare carefully! Make other arrangements for the delivery of your gear/art/water/leg lamp if it weighs more than a few pounds or is a large item. Always remember: you pack it in and you pack it out. Leave no trace!

All Pilots Must Be Pre-Approved to Fly to BRC 

We require all pilots who intend to land at 88NV to preregister and qualify in advance. Go to Pilots page for more information.

All charter flights are handled through Burner Express Air (BxA). Is your flight a BxA charter or is it a private flight? Not sure if it’s legit? Visit Burner Express Air for more info.

Notify us of any suspected illegal charter flight activity. Email us at