Plane Camping

First Arrival

Finding a Spot

After landing, you will contact the follow me, interceptor, or unicom frequency to receive a parking assignment. You may request a specific spot or advise that you wish to camp at your plane in which you will be assigned a spot further away from the transient/dustier areas. Refer to the Ramp Diagram to aid in finding your parking spot.


When you arrive at your spot identified by the pink whiskers, it is important you shut down in the lane as to not dust other aircraft. You should be met by volunteers or ask a neighbor to assist with pushing your plane into your parking spot. Interceptors are volunteers that will meet you at the plane to verify you have a ticket to the event. They will direct you to the Arrival Gate once your aircraft is secured, and look for the tie down fairies to help you with choosing just the right spot,  tie down, unloading and anything else that helps you feel welcomed home! 

Tie Down Your Plane

Winds are unpredictable on the playa and can increase quickly. Immediately after parking, the aircraft must be secured with anchors and tie downs. Ensure nothing is ever left outside the aircraft that cannot handle up to 50 mph winds.  Trust us on this one.

Arrival Gate

Time Limit, Don’t Unload Cargo
Immediately after talking with the interceptor and securing your aircraft, proceed to the Arrival Gate for check in. Do not start unloading your aircraft. Interceptors will report your parking spot and arrival and you will be expected to check in at the Arrival Gate within 15 minutes. If no Interceptor arrives to your parking spot within 15 minutes, proceed to the staff building near the tower and notify a volunteer.

Gate Fee

The airport has an arrival usage fee for all participants of $60 to be paid in person at the Arrival Gate. This fee is waived for those who volunteer for the Airport, please have the email confirmation of your fee waiver ready to show the Box Office. If you don’t bring the waiver, you will need to pay the fee.  

Waivers will be emailed to your shiftboard email address, so please be sure your email is up to date! 


After checking in at the Arrival Gate, you will be given a “Resident” wristband that will permit you access through the ramp In/Out Gate.

In/Out Gate

Ingress / Egress

The In/Out Gate is staffed by Gate Perimeter Exodus staff and will be checking wristbands at the gate. Only those with “Resident Wristbands” will be permitted through the gate. Pilots will not be permitted to escort passengers through the gate until they receive a Scenic Briefing.

Luggage Carts

Luggage carts are stationed outside of the In/Out Gate to aid pilots and passenger from moving baggage and cargo from the plane to the inside of the fence. Please keep airport luggage carts at the airport!  Other pilots and passengers will be eternally grateful! Carts live at the In/Out Gate and the sooner you return yours, the sooner others can use them.

General Camping Info

  • Ensure everything is tied down at all times.
  • Don’t leave things in the taxi rows that may interfere with aircraft movement.
  • Leave No Trace is a mandatory rule for all of Burning Man. There is no trash fence to collect all your MOOP. Please secure all your belongings at all times and remove everything from your spot when leaving the event.
  • Port-o Potty’s are available outside the fence for all airplane campers and will be serviced regularly.
  • Volunteer staff are available outside the fence during operational hours for assistance.
  • Access to weather reports for other airports are available at the staff building near the tower.
  • Water!  We have a new process for purchasing water prior to the event.  You can order up to 20 gallons of water prior to the event.  Just pick it up at the Airport Bus Shuttle Area.  Go HERE to order your water (please bring your own containers) 

Scenic Flights and Departures


All departures are required to have an on-playa safety briefing as mandated in the BLM Closure Order. Anyone wishing to perform scenic flights must have a Scenic Briefing which are offered twice a day. Anyone wishing to depart the event for another destination must notify the Air Standards & Safety Supervisor (ASSS) near the ramp building to receive their short departure briefing and advise them of your intentions (Depart & Return or Final Departure).

Pull Planes In & Out of Parking Spots

All aircraft must be pulled in and out of parking spots as to not spray unnecessary dust at other planes or people.

Transient Parking

If you plan on performing multiple flights, park in the transient parking spots for easy access. You are not required to pull a plane in and out of transient spots.

Depart and Return Fee

If you are departing 88NV for another destination and plan on returning, you will be required to pay a $20 depart and return fee at the box office consistent with the BRC vehicle rules. This must be paid prior to your departure.

Final Departure

If you are departing the event for the last time, notify the Air Standards & Safety Supervisor (ASSS) to receive your Departure Briefing so your parking spot can be inspected for MOOP and reissue to another aircraft.


  • Contact with any questions.
  • On playa, you can locate a Flight Operations volunteer on the ramp near the tower (wearing a reflective vest) who can assist you with any questions.