Other Places to Camp

As mentioned in the 88NV Pilot Survival Guide:

You can camp under your wing, in the airport village (i.e. inside the fence near the airport), or in the city.  If you want to camp in the village, you can join one of our theme camps (see the other page above for contact information), or camp solo (but email ahead to airport@burningman.org for placement information.)

If you want to camp in the city, you can do that — but be advised that it is a half-mile walk to the outer edge of the city, and up to 3.5 miles further to your destination within the city. That walk can be very hot, windy, cold, but it is doable if you are not burdened with a lot of stuff.  You may be able to catch a ride with the mutant vehicles visiting the airport, or the BxA shuttle that runs occasionally – ask around.

Read the 88NV Pilot Survival Guide for additional information about camping with your aircraft.