Welcome to the 2016 Black Rock City Municipal Airport Website  This website is in the process of being updated with 2017 information.  When everything is complete the title will be changed to 2017.

Black Rock City Municipal Airport (BRCMA) is also known as 88NV — its Airport Identifier Code. Befitting its location, our airport is unique in many ways. Like most things at Burning Man, the airport is a collaborative volunteer effort of a bunch of good people who want to share their passion for flight with you. This website is here to introduce you to 88NV and help you enjoy its many benefits.

Burner Express Air will make it easier for participants to make affordable flight bookings and will streamline operations at the Black Rock City Municipal Airport (BRCMA) for passengers, air carriers, and general aviation enthusiasts as well as ensuring BRCMA maintains a high level of safety for all air operations.

Looking for a seat on a flight or interested in chartering an entire aircraft? Go to burnerexpress.org .  You will find all of the information here, as well as an FAQ, and a link to the booking system. You must also have an event ticket, Will Call reservation or staff credential to fly to the event.   There is a Will Call office at the Black Rock Municipal Airport.

All Air Charter companies making shuttle runs to 88NV must have a contract with Burner Express Air and should contact the Burner Express Air Charter Manager prior to making any plans to arrive at 88NV.

While some faces and staff may have changed, this video is a nice introduction to the airport, filmed in 2013.

The Passenger Tab provides information on how to get to Burning Man.  You must have purchased a ticket prior to coming to Burning Man as there are no tickets for sale at the Event.  Will Call is available at the airport.  If you land at  88NV without a ticket your pilot will be required to fly you away from the Event. Access to walk on the ramp (airplane taxi and parking) is monitored and you must be escorted by your pilot or an approved charter representative.

A link to all the required downloads appears at the top of the Pilot Tab near the table of contents. There are also instructions for navigating your way through the process of registering, taking the test, and filing a Flight Manifest. The Airport Life Tab has tips for caring for your airplane, packing, managing weight, and camping. Make sure you understand what BRC LLC, BRCMA, BLM and FAA are looking at in terms of bringing-in passengers.  The Pilot Tab has more information.  Pilots are  responsible for remaining with and escorting their passengers through the Box Office (ticket validation) and Customs procedures. No one should land at 88NV without a Burning Man Event ticket. If you do land without a ticket, you will be asked to talk to one or both of our Operations Managers:  Airport and/or Air.  The pilot is held responsible for flying any passengers away from the Event if they do not have a valid ticket.

CHARTER aka AIR CARRIER : If you are a charter and want to make multiple flights to Burning Man, you must become a participating air carrier/pilot in BxA: 135ops@advantageflight.com   

If you are chartered by a single client to drop off a passengers one-time, and land one-time later to pick up you passengers, you must report to Airport management after escorting your passengers to the Arrivals Area.  Please see the definition of  “Air Carrier Operator” in the Pilot Rules.

Information on the how and who of Sky Diving with video links.

The airport is a fun place to volunteer.  The Volunteer Tab describes the steps needed to sign-up and some of the opportunities available.  Volunteers who sign-up through ShiftBoard will be given priority entrance through the Airport Gate ONLY (go to the head of the line!) You must show the print-out of your shifts to the Purple People Pusher upon arrival.

This tab provides information regarding camping within our Airport Village as well as on the ramp with your airplane.  Tips and photos about the care of your aircraft are also given.

Just the facts … of commonly asked questions.

OOPPS  Officers of Prior and Present Service…meet some of the  people responsible for creating this miracle in the desert.

Amble down memory lane with a short story about our colorful and  interesting history … gourmet frog legs?!   The Photo Gallery has a collection of photos ranging from unique aircraft to ramp and camp, people, nature/weather, and Airport Village life from our early days to the present.