Getting in

Getting Into BRC: Airplane Edition

If you fly into Black Rock City, there are rules that come along with the privilege of being above the fray! Passengers must be escorted at all times by their pilot, or in the case of charter flights, a representative from BxA, until all are processed through Airport/Point 5 Gate. GA Pilots must complete “check in” on the GA Ramp prior to entering the event. Once all that’s out of the way, you will enter BRC in stages! 

Stage 1 Box Office: Tickets and Will Call

  • Validate your paper Burning Man ticket or pick yours up from Will Call 
  • Pay a $60 Gate use fee – credit cards please! No one wants to chase cash in a dust storm. 

88NV Volunteers – show us your scheduled airport volunteer shifts and we’ll waive the $60!

Stage 2 Black Rock City Census: The Story of Us

  • BRC Census collects demographic data from a small percentage of randomly-selected, willing participants 
  • This could be your first chance to participate at Burning Man! Are you random enough for Census?

Stage 3 Gate: the Validation You’ve Always Been Looking For

  • Have your ticket scanned by the friendliest border patrol ever
  • Join the 5% of BRC’s population that officially arrives in BRC via Airport’s Gate
  • With great power comes great responsibility, keep reading!

Stage 4: Customs and Acculturation, BRC Info and Volunteer Support & Greeters

  • Your fellow Black Rock Citizens provide info & advice for Surviving Winning Burning Man
  • We also offer answers to existential questions and a smattering of practical direction 
  • Get schooled on how to be a Co-Creator in BRC — there’s that great responsibility bit we mentioned before!
  • If it’s your first time here, announce your presence at the bell
  • Welcome Home! 

88NV Volunteers  – check in for shifts here, plus get ongoing support throughout the event from our Customs and Volunteer teams!