2023 Pilot information will be posted in June.


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For open discussion of all things 88NV, flying, camping, etc. 

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For those who are less experienced flying into 88NV, OR those interested in offering advice and help.  No question too basic or too nuanced.  Curious about the winds, the dust, or how your particular airplane is going to do out there?  This is the place.  Old-timers and airport staff will also be in here too, to give you some real-world advice.
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For those who like to gift a lot of rides (“cereal”/serial gifters), or those interested in doing so.  Good place to compare notes on how to make the experience the best we can for our passengers, offer ideas on how we might refine the process, etc.  Flight ops staff will be in here too to hear your ideas.
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This aerial photograph of Black Rock City was shot on the morning of Friday August 31st, 2018 during Burning Man 2018. The pilot of the aircraft was Purple Haze.
Photo: Duncan Rawlinson