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88NV Operations are successful because of the hard work of hundreds of volunteers. Be one of us!  Some positions are open with no experience required! 

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2022 Volunteer Positions!

Flight Ops




Become a Volunteer at Airport!

  1. Create and/or Log In to your Burner Profile
  2. Complete the  Volunteer Questionnaire located in the Participation Forms section of your Burner Profile – check the box for Airport

After submitting your Questionnaire, our Airport Volunteer Coordinators will welcome you to the Airport Team and confirm via email. You are now ready to sign up for some general Customs and BxA  shifts once they are released for 2022! 


Interested in working with us?  Our open jobs are here.  

2022 Volunteer Positions!

  • 2022 Flight Ops Role Descriptions
  • 2022 Customs Role Descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q:  How do I learn more about roles at the airport? 

A:  Check back on this page for role descriptions

Q:  Do I get to choose the role/position I want to work? 

A:  We have a number of roles, some require specific or previous experience.  All open shifts are in Shiftboard. 

Q: Do I get to choose the time of my shift? 

A:  We have scheduled shifts to ensure we have coverage during the airport hours and from there, you can choose from the available shifts.  Make sure to join the airport-announce list! 

Q:  How many shifts should I sign up for? 

A:  As few or as many as feels right for you.  If this is your first year at Burningman, choose carefully, don’t do too much and enjoy your burn!