Wings – Flying to Burningman – What you need to know

When:  June 18, 2022 
Time:  12:00 EDT, 11:00 CDT, 10:00 MDT, 9:00 PDT
Where:  Zoom link is here


  1. Educate new and long-time pilots on how to operate safely in and out of 88NV, and changes for 2022
  2. Acculturate new and interested pilots on what it is we do out there (event and airport)
  3. Encourage more pilots, who can do it safely, to fly in

Course/Event outline:  

  • Speaker intro
  • What is Burning Man?
    • Who should come / not come?  Will I be welcome?
  • Aviation at Burning Man
    • History of the airport
    • Purpose, types of operation (GA, medevac, scenics, charter…)
    • Rough operation counts (if we’re comfortable sharing)
  • 88NV overview
    • Overview photo
    • Run by hundreds of volunteers!  Your help + energy needed.  How to sign up
    • Camping options, theme camp, galley, entertainment, other fun stuff that happens
  • Flying at 88NV
    • Overall location, mountain environment, temps, etc
    • Requirements to fly in (training, ticket, etc)
    • Tower
    • Arrival / departure procedures – just a quick overview
    • Flying the scenic pattern – overview of airborne procedures , also show the crowds waiting to fly,  mechanics of ride wrangler etc
    • Preparing the airplane & pilot, what kinds of a/c are appropriate, dust precautions/cleaning
  • Recommended flying technique
    • Soft-field technique review + playa specific technique
    • Landing technique + illusions
    • Specific hazards: distraction, checklists, rapidly changing weather, visibility dust + smoke…
  • Q&A + stories/advice from other 88NV pilots


Venture (Paul Fiori) has been attending Burning Man and volunteering for the Airport since 2008. He is an aircraft owner and has been flying-in and ride gifting on and off since 2010. He has held various roles in the airport such as a tower radio operator, a build crew member, Quartermaster, Logistics Manager, Charter Liaison, and most recently the Flight Operations Manager in 2018 and 2019. Venture has CFI, CFII, MEI ratings and is currently an airline captain at Delta regional carrier, Endeavor Air.