Flight Seeing

Scenic Flights Over Burning Man

Come Fly the Friendliest Skies Ever

Ride Wranglers stationed near Point 5 Gate match Pilots who offer the gift of flight with Burners who want to see our wonderful city from the air! Visit Airport as early as you can (flights begin at 06:00) to increase chances of snagging a sight seeing flight. 

Pilots especially recognize the contributions of the many volunteers who make the Airport happen. If you volunteer we consider you a VIP, so spend some time volunteering with Airport Operations teams! You can also volunteer spontaneously during the Event by checking with the Volunteer Tower at the Airport.  Throughout the year there is a lot of pre-event work as well, so  if that’s more your speed, send an email to us to get involved.  

Burning Sky, the only authorized sky diving camp, offers observational flights in their jump plane.  Due to high demand there is a lottery for these observational flights.