Travel by Road

Burner Express Bus (BxB)

The Burner Express Bus is a mega-convenient way to travel between SF and Reno to BRC.

Green Tortoise Bus and Theme Camp

The Green Tortoise is a unique group that offers everything in one package. 

Vehicle Ridesharing 

Join the lines of cars driving through the gate.  Waiting in line has turned into it’s own kind of party! Explore Ridesharing options. 

Where Are We Going

Not all who wander are lost. Here are driving instructions to BRC anyway. 

In and Out Passes & Main Gate

If you leave BRC for another destination (like Reno or Gerlach) and wish you wish to re-enter the Event, you must purchase an In and Out Pass. Passes are not available at the time of re-entry — you must purchase the Pass before you exit BRC. You must present your ticket stub to purchase an In and Out Pass from Gate staff. Passes can be purchased at the Airport gate (or at Main Gate) during operational hours.