Some of our Airport Village and 88NV volunteers in 2010 (photo by Dean Siracusa)

88NV takes over 300 volunteers to function. If you would like to help, we need you!  You’ll find a list of volunteer roles below.  You are encouraged to sign-up online using ShiftBoard (detailed instructions given after listing of volunteer opportunities) as it takes a lot of scheduling and coordination to make this work!  Of course, out on the Playa, you are also always welcome to drop by the Airport to help with whatever needs doing at the time.

Some positions are available for anyone, newbies included no experience required! Other roles require a specific skill or experience and may require approval of the lead.  Types of skill or experience include: driving  a golf cart,  communicating on an aviation or org radio,  general knowledge of aircraft,  experience as a pilot,  prior experience at Burning Man or a history of previously held Airport volunteer positions.

New for 2016:  Volunteers who sign-up through ShiftBoard will be given priority entrance through the Airport Gate ONLY (go to the head of the line!) You must show the print-out of your shifts to the Purple People Pusher upon arrival.



** means good for newbies


Customs manages the flow of new arrivals and welcomes newcomers in Burning Man style. Customs also monitors the flow of people entering and exiting through our Gates and maintains Gate security.  Logistics is involved in the actual building and physical maintenance of the airport.


Spare parts for those folks that don’t show-up for their assigned shift.  Prior experience in multiple positions helpful!


Help monitor the continuous flow of people entering/exiting Gate.  Issue wristbands to passengers going on a Scenic Flight.  Insure that passengers are being escorted by a pilot or other qualified representative.  Based at Gate.


Greet arriving passengers after Box Office and Passport.  Distribute booklet, orient passengers to Burning Man, invite them to “ring bell” or “roll in dust”…Welcome Home!  Based in Customs Office.


First person on the ground to greet arriving airplanes and make-sure appropriate documents are available (pilot manifest).  Drive a golf cart, communicate over handheld radio, be aware of airplane movement on taxiway.  This can get very busy!  Based on tie-down/taxi area = ramp.


Alerts Interceptors of arriving aircraft and helps create Arrival Report.  Based in Ramp Dog Tower.


Intermediate postition.  Familiar with Airport citizens and staff.  Answer questions related to various activities and services offered at the Airport. Assists Squadron Leader tracking volunteers filling shifts.  Based near Terminal at Information Booth.


Patrol the Airport Village and tie-down/plane camping area.  Roving positon.


Greet arriving passengers after they have gone to Box Office for ticket validation. Checking for Box Office hand stamps, issuing Resident Visas (wristbands) to based pilots and any passengers who will camp on the ramp next to plane.   Customer-service attitude, communicate on handheld radio, light data entry:  Online Arrival Reports.  Based in Passport Office.


Senior advanced position.  Prior experience as Squadron Leader and various other roles.  Must know  policies and procedures of 88NV.


Escort arriving Burners through the arrival process, helping everyone stay in their flight group and that the group is processed in order of arrival.  Entertaining the crowd while waiting would be fantastic!  Arrivals who show a printed Shiftboard schedule are given priority.


As we find the playa so we leave the playa.  Help us return our Airport Village including ramp to its playa-perfect condition.  Contact:


Keeps log of Burners waiting for rides and matches with pilots looking for Scenic Flight passengers.  Organizing skills and diplomacy required!  Basic understanding of weight/load restricitions that pilots may state when looking for passengers.  This can get very busy and demanding!  Based near Terminal, will have shade.


Advanced position.  Prior volunteer experience at 88NV.  Assure that volunteers have reported to assigned positions and understand their roles.  Help find volunteers for vacant positions.  Light record keeping.  Based near Information Booth, roving position.



Air helps pilots and their airplanes fly and manuver safely in the airspace over 88NV and on the ground/ramp at the airport.  


Review proceedures for safe flights, issue wristbands indicating completion of review which allows pilots to fly passengers during the Event.  Light record keeping.  Works under the direction of the Lead Briefer. Briefings held once a day, Sunday through Sunday, location TBA.  3 years prior experience flying at Burning Man or equivalent high desert experience may be considered.  Advanced positions, approved by Lead Briefer, contact:


This is an introductory position for people who may be interested into going into Unicom in the future.  Assists Unicom Operator with “Traffic Count” and “Unicom Log”. Aviation radio used. It can get very busy!  Based in Unicom Tower, approved by the Unicommander


Communicate with pilots via radio, assists pilots in finding a parking (tie-down) location.  Helps Interceptors locate arriving airplanes.  Communicate any problems with the condition of the tie-down area (ramp) for any needed repair to Runway Team.  Based in Ramp Dog Tower.


Assist Ramp Dog as needed, light data entry either written or computer.  Based near Terminal, will have shade.  May assume Tokenator duties if needed.


Advanced position.  Help maintian safe movement of airplanes and passengers on the ramp.  Must be familiar with Airport operating procedures.  Communicate via handheld radio. Roving over large area (walk or cycle) based on ramp.


Introductory position at the Gate, maintaining sign-in sheets for Scenic Rides.


Advanced position.  Radio communication with pilots who are flying.  Must be very familiar with aviation radio procedures and traffic advice.  Must have prior Burning Man experience.  Approved by Unicommander…advice ONLY we are NOT Air Traffic Controllers!  Based in Unicom Tower.


The foillowing positions are not listed on ShiftBoard.  If you are interested in helping us out in the future, contact the email listed.


Set-up Unicom base stations, program, and maintain (charging station) Airport handheld aviation and org radios during Event.  Clean playa dust off radios after event.  Contact:


This is primarily staffed with a returning crew familiar with setting-up and tearing-down the Airport Village and ramp.  If you have skills related to this and are available for teardown after the Event find the Logistics Manager and offer your support or contact:


This very small team meets during the summer to design and layout the runways prior to the Event.  Surveyor experience helpful for on-the-ground work.  Computer experience for at-the-desk work to translate concepts into diagrams and plans (Illustrator, PhotoShop, CAD, etc.).  Contact the


Others help maintain the runways and ramp during the event.  This can be rigorous and prior experience recommended.  Contact for helping maintain the ramp and runways during the event.


These individuals need to be residents of our Airport Village.  This is an as-needed-basis helping the Airport Safety Officer set-up and monitor signage, fire extinguishers, and generally monitoring our Airport Village for hazards.  Safety Deputies provide volulntary support during any incidents or accidents that may occur at 88NV until the professionals arrive.


Getting involved at the Airport starts with a couple of easy steps:

  1. First step, if you haven’t done so yet, fill-out a Burner Profile.
  2. Then fill-out the Volunteer Questionnaire and select Airport as one of your teams.

Once those two items are complete, your info will be sent to one of our Volunteer Coordinators who will send you all the latest and greatest details on becoming a part of the Airport’s fun and shenanigans!  To sign-up for a volunteer position:

  1. Go to the the Burning Man shiftboard
  2. Login with your email address
  3. If you’re new to Shiftboard or don’t know your password click “forgot my password” and then check your E-mail for instructions.
  4. If your email address is not recognized you need to be sure you’ve completed and submitted the Burner Profile and the Volunteer Questionnaire -and that you selected Airport as one of your teams on the Volunteer Questionnaire.
  5. Once you’re in Shiftboard, click on MY TEAMS at the top and make sure AIRPORT (or Airport:Air if you have been approved for Air Division) shows up as one of your Teams.
  6. You will be directed to the volunteer schedule and sign-up which has options to display by the entire week or day, and as a calendar or as a list. If the display is red you are in the option that displays the positions that are still open. If the display is green you are in the option that indicates the positions that are filled and who has taken them.

To stay in the know about the Burning Man Airport and its happenings, sign up for the Airport Announce list. This is a low volume mailing list used to keep our volunteers informed.  To subscribe to Airport Announce, please send a blank E-mail to airport-announce+subscribe@burningman.orgBe sure to open the E-mail response you receive back and confirm your email address!

If you have any questions along the way, send us an email at!